“Our latest Formula 1 2018 news updates as part of our rolling coverage. – Calderón Gets F1 Test – Ricciardo Says Car Cursed – Rich Energy Joins Haas – Vettel …



  1. Firstly, it would be advantageous for RBR to psychologically dabble with Daniel's head as he is going to be a rival next year and lets face it, since the decision to move, there has been a gremlin. Mark Webber had similar problems when the 'team' knew he was leaving at end of season; most likely, this is also why we saw Nico Rosberg keeping his retirement plans from Mercedes so close to his chest in 2016, basically to protect his World Championship. Next, we know that Dan is going to Renault and the Renault engines are showing reliability improvement in the factory team from race to race; for chassis development, Renault has also secured the services of one of the top aero guys from Mercedes. So, it seems there are some changes in team mechanic and engineering personal during the season; indeed, after Valterie joined Mercedes, some of the personal looking after Lewis were swapped to work with Valterie; this caused a concerned Lewis to have a meeting with Totto Wolf to ensure that his crew would remain consistent for 2018. We will probably never know however, RBR would not be RBR if they have not already swapped some of their top mechanical brains and engineers out with Toro Rosso (aka RBR#2) to learn as much about the Honda engine as they possibly can before next year and, I would suggest that this move has also caused some reliability issues within the team….Seriously, Daniel would be living with a gag order over the issue and we will probably never know the full details….If the present car 3 was a highly regarded race horse, there would be all manner of swabs and inquiries into the sudden lack of form….So why not in F1? Lastly, the availability of being able to electronically control engine performance from the pits is wrong, wrong, wrong; after all, at the moment, these cars are driven by a driver. Gone….

  2. I feel so sorry for Ricciardo. To get his eighth DNF after a great pole in Mexico, that was absolutely gut-wrenching to see. I sensed his frustration in the quote shared, but I certainly hope he gives it his all in the final two races before saying good-bye to Red Bull and heading to Renault


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