“Our latest Formula 1 2018 news updates as part of our rolling coverage. – Alonso Tests IndyCar – Ricciardo’s Renault Move – F1 2021 Regulations – Fry Rejoins …



  1. i hated fernando when he was at renault coz he defeated schumacher,hated him more when he got to mclaren because he was such a cry baby when he wasnt given the number 1 status by ron dennis. Read an article bfore stating that he is the most complete driver in f1 when it comes to skills,didnt believe it at first but when he switched to ferrari and what he did to that dog of a car and even competing in the world championship with that car,thats when i saw how good this guy is. He deserves to win another championship,such a big lost in f1 when he said he wont be competing next year.

  2. ability to race harder?! don't make me laugh, every year they reduce amount of engines. soon they will force teams to use only 1 engine per season and that is not gonna improve engines ability to "race harder", especially if they keep reducing engine volumes as well. we'll be left with single unit of 1 liter 1 cylinder engine to be used for hall season and then I will create my own F1 team as well and let them be on bicycles. I am sure we will win.

  3. F1 Raceing is fucked well and trully and will gp bang on the next few years ferraris budget this year was 870million williams 150million with out paying drivers force india had to bailed out you look at it red bull ferrai mercedes that is f1 raceing so where are all the other car ??? No where so thete is a serious problem why spwnd so much and ruin the sport of f1 .

  4. Yea FIA! Keep changing the regulations so the teams are forced to spend millions to comply with the new regulations and then the FIA can complain that the sport is too expensive….


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