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  1. We need to start testing in all of the United States, Canada, AND Mexico…..because we have people moving back and forth from all 3 locations to all 3 locations. I have not heard a word about our heroes on active duty for the USA. They are all over the World. It is not always war that attracts our military. They have helped many people in hard times of weather, etc. Love & Peace, Deborah

  2. the bailout is a huge scam. the federal reserve system BANK is a big scam. its controlled by the private banks, the money is being given to evil people. they will continue to destroy the planet and give themselves enough money to finish their final prep for the end of the world. global collapse is right around the corner. this bailout is a big scam to keep people from freaking out. it will seem to help short term but long term this will lead to global economic death.

  3. The timing of this virus and the agenda that has been pursued with unprecedented containment and restrictions globally point to the obvious. The elite are releasing this virus.

  4. See Who Is Having The Last and Better Laugh !

    It was like only yesterday China was down on its knees, American Joe Public kicked China’s butt mercilessly and threw everything and the kitchen sink at China.

    Remember WSJ labeled China the real sick man of Asia? Fox News presenter demanded apology from China for un-American dietary habit?

    Remember the supposedly leaked information 1.5 million Chinese were infected and 100,000 died from Covid-19?

    Remember the Wuhan authority allegedly sought court order to shoot dead 20,000 coronavirus patients?

    When China built the Huoshenshan in ten days, Americans jeered and sneered that the makeshift hospital a morgue, a concentration camp, and will collapse after a week.

    China soldiers on. Chinese doctors, nurses, medical and food supplies continue making their way to Wuhan and Hubei from neighboring provinces, even when American Joe Commander whose presidential faux pas too numerous to mention jumped on the bandwagon calling Covid-19 “China Virus”.

    Remember who said the US will handle this crisis better than any country. He is boasting and world is watching.

    The pathological liar played down coronavirus as a hoax and fooled Americans into believing the virus will miraculously disappear by April.

    April is a week away and the virus is coming home to roost and to root in the heartlands of America where it originated (US CDC Director Robert Redfield).

    As of 4.13 pm today, the United States has chalked up 54,753 Covid-19 cases with 783 deaths without Americans savoring the bat soup. This number is well ahead of Iran, Germany and Spain, and within 2 to 4 weeks China, then Italy. The mighty killing machines of US warships and jet fighters armed with lethal weapons of mass destruction, and the grandiosity of self-proclaim wartime President is poor match against the microscopic enemy of immense power the brain size of which comparable to Trump’s.

    To the glee of disparaged Chinese, the U.S. is now eating humble pie doing a piecemeal Wuhan in New York, LA, Chicago, San Diego and San Francisco, together with 11 other states.

    The coronavirus loves piecemeal lockdowns, neither here nor there.

    China is not cut and paste for America. The Chinese lockdowns were well resourced, orderly and coordinated; America’s are fragmented from city to city and state to state.

    Donald Trump’s re-election chips are economy and employment. The trump card economy is down and unemployment is up. The stock market’s down several thousand points into recession is aggravated by new virus cases up several thousand points.

    US unemployment rate is set to rise due to the pandemic sweeping across the country. The LA Times predicted unemployment rate may go up to 20%; the Bank of America predicted 3 million Americans may file for unemployment benefits.

    Trump’s proposed $2 trillion stimulus package has hit the wall for lack of financiers. Many US companies are over-leveraged and debt-ridden and corporate debt has swelled to nearly $10 trillion. With the costs of extracting shale oil hovering around OPEC’s oil price, American shale oil companies are going bankrupt or look to making face masks to stay afloat.

    Copying China is un-American.

    China is not copy and paste for America. China can mobilize manpower, material and ancillary service from cities thousands kilometers away, put up a construction plan for a fully functional hospital in 60 hours and took in the first of 1,000 patients in 240 hours. Trump can only tell his state governors “Go get it yourselves” the emergency ventilators.

    Where is Xi Jinping?

    At the height of Wuhan epidemic, CNN ridiculed China, echoed by NYT and major news outlets in America, insinuating Xi went hiding underground. Eat your words my friend, this is metaphor reserving for Donald Trump, he is beginning to show the inclination and has stopped calling coronavirus “China Virus”.

    Fearing coronavirus lockdown, rioting, looting and arson have taken place in London. It will turn into infernos reaching the United States. The 2.3 million prisoners running loose in American cities are more deadly than the virus.

    Remember the rumor about Wuhan authority allegedly sought court order to shoot dead 20,000 coronavirus patients? That order may now be given on the other shore of the Pacific, and the number may be in the millions.

    The Thucydides Trap has an uncanny way of manifesting itself. China emerged from the pandemic bruised but intact; American social fabric will be in tatters when the coronavirus is done with and disappear at a time of its choosing.

    When the last coronavirus that caused Covid-19 disappears as miraculously as it emerged, the world will have a new geopolitical and social order. The United States’ standing will be somewhere between Indonesia and Malaysia.

    The world had been led and misled for far too long by an oligarchy of arms merchants in the US Military Industrial Complex peddling wares like salesmen selling the snake oil, only that they cost many arms and legs.

    Now that the situation in China has stabilized, the country is positioning itself at the head of the global response to Covid-19, and has established a leadership position that may alter the global power relations.

    In aiding to contain Covid-19, China sent doctors and medical supplies to 80 over countries such as Italy, Iran, Iraq, Spain, France, Belgium, Czech Republic, Serbia, Pakistan, Japan, South Korea, Cambodia, the Philippines and Malaysia.

    The unassuming Jack Ma Foundation announced on March 16 that it will send 20,000 testing kits, 100,000 masks and 1,000 protective suits and face shields to each of the 54 African countries. Although Africa is relatively unscathed from the ravages of the pandemic, these equipment will put Africa one step ahead of coronavirus – a far cry from the dysfunctional Trump narrative.

    The Chinese word for “Crisis” composed of two characters危 (wei – signifying danger) and 机 (ji – signifying opportunity) is time tested.

    China’s emerging stronger in the world stage is succinctly summed up by the Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic:

    “The only country that can help us is China. For the rest of them, thanks for nothing”.

    The fortitude to serve one’s motherland is exemplified by this Chinese doctor in Wuhan hospital. Upon learning that her mother had just passed away, she turned to the direction of her mother’s house, give a bow and a moment of reflection, then return to the ICU to treat her patient.

    Where is Donald Trump?

    In the weeks to come, Chinese news media will not echo America’s. They are above these and don’t believe in kitchen sinks.

    Confucius says: 仁者不忧,知者不惑,勇者不惧。This’s in the Chinese DNA.

    Latest news, the US has turned to South Korea for help!

  5. One things for sure, is that Nancy Pelosi will never catch Corona. The virus would have to battle it's way through a mountain of botox! She must spend every entire dime she earns on pumping her face up. She looks absolutely ridiculous!

  6. As a trucker for America, we are doing our duty trying to get the shelves supplied accross
    American, But when you have a unpatriotic business like the Pilot at 31642 Castaic Rd, Castaic, CA 91384 charging truckers with their limited parking, is just not right, they know that truckers run out of hours and must park after driving for 10 hours according to DOT regulation. The truckers that dont pay are forced on the street in illegal parking, so if your stores are not being resupplied, and maybe the law have put a boot on the truck with your supplies needed for your store. America give this store a call, and make things right. Lets get America back on it's feet again. Call the manager 661 257 2800

  7. I saw a video and recently dreamed about this real life underground house located beneath Missouri in the middle of no where. The way how things is going I want to go there right now.

    Help stop the Coronavirus
    Elbow:Cough into it
    Space:Stay away from 3 feet apart
    Home:Stay home
    Face:Don’t touch it if your hands is not clean


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