Warren Buffett: I’m not worried about America’s future


In an interview with CNN’s Poppy Harlow, billionaire investor Warren Buffett explains how he thinks the economy is doing, why he thinks the wealthy should …



  1. Elephant in the room is wealth inequality, there needs to be some mechanism to redistribute fairly. The financialization of the economy is a failure for 99%. Wage growth has stagnated for 30 years. The economy is a house of cards built on credit like never before… Warren Buffet can't say this !! It will have a crisis and hopefully come out better and stronger but we will see some chaos due to the unleveraging of this massive credit bubble.

  2. This person interviewing Warren clearly has a political agenda. Every single question seemed to have an angle. Watch Becky Quick or Carol Loomis' interviews with Buffett and leave CNN/Bloomberg/etc at the door.

  3. I like Warren Buffett a lot but I guess I wouldn’t be worried either if I had 80 or 90 BILLION dollars …… unfortunately I don’t and I am worried even though my wife (of 59 years) and I are probably doing better than 90% of Americans.


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