Wales to enter 'short, sharp' 17-day lockdown from Friday


Wales will enter a two-week circuit breaker lockdown from 6pm on Friday. First Minister Mark Drakeford has said non-essential retail, leisure and hospitality …



  1. The only one who is enjoying covid times is SENCO's and Send support leads in Schools and colleges as they have decided to sit at home and send their staff to work. They also get 3 times more pay than them. Government should start an inquiry on these people.

  2. If the Test works — Why the False positives?
    If the Masks work – Why the Six Feet?
    If the Six Feet work – Why the Masks?
    If all Three work – Why the Lockdown?
    If all Four work – Why the vaccine?
    If the Vaccine is Safe – Why the No Liability Clause?
    If SARS-CoV-2 exists – Why has it not been isolated?

  3. Bit by bit they’re closing everything tills there’s nothing left , all because some very old vulnerable people died just like they always have and just like they always will it’s more commonly known as the circle of life

  4. Covid 19 is as dangerous as a smart motorway and multiplying just as fast. It is sensible to have a lockdown and let Covid 19 perform its magic and get rid of the idiots putting traffic lights and cycle lanes on our roads and smart motorways. This will keep us safe and Save Lives. Not to mention cutting pollution and congestion.

  5. So it needs to happen right now, but will start at 6pm Friday???!!!!! No mixing of households unless single or single parent households, my factory will still remain open and we will be mixing while there… What a load of bullshit. Government needs it's arse well and truly kicking.

  6. rebellion is in the air .job losses shop closures bankrupt pubs resteraunts.useing a sledge hammer to crack a nut .the great political reset is going to happen conservatives labour lib dems are finished .to much dictatorship never turns out parties will form respecting freedom and choice .trying to dictate is not going to go down very well with the public


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