Villarreal vs Barcelona [1-4], La Liga, 2020 – MATCH REVIEW


Antoine Griezmann, Lionel Messi and Luis Suárez all combined to provide Barça with their best performance under Quique Setién so far – brushing aside …



  1. Brilliant game, just what we needed. Great fluent attacking play with the combinations and passes that we love to see! Wish we would see more of Roberto in the midfield, he is so underrated in that spot – not just a takeaway from this game, he’s been good in midfield when he’s gotten the chance for years now. I have just one question that I just can’t figure out the answer for.. what the ** is Vidal doing in our starting lineup. Please if anyone Can argue why he is entitled to that spot, I would love to know your opinion, because I cant find any reason. Yes, he brings intensity, a physical presence, and a threat in crosses, but for Christs sake, he is so slow and his Ball handling and passing is just terrible… he ruins so many counter attacks and possesions. I would take both Roberto, Rakitic and Puig ahead of him in midfield. They bring so much more to the table in our system…

  2. I guess you were wrong from your previous video. This was by far one of the best lineups Setien is put together. Griezmann working off the left rotating between CAM and Right Striker with Messi while Saurez stayed forward. Vidal is NOT a starter, he should be off the bench to shut games down. Roberto did very well in the mid this game.

  3. "…ahead of those Champions League Games in august" – TalkFCB.
    Pretty brave to use plural here. One good game against Villareal, does not at all make us favorites against Napoli. We are in sooo much mess right now, that I still feel like going through Napoli is a long shot. We are still very much a one-man team, and we still have Bartomeu in the club, which will automatically become a huge obstacle to battle on top of Napoli. Plus we have the ghosts of previous CL-exits haunting us, which will demand an extraordinary performance to overcome. I can't recall the last time Barcelona truly made an extraordinary performance. Probably the 6-1 against PSG under Enrique.

  4. When dejong returns he should be playing as dm in his natural position which would be great with more young energy in the squad.. busquet shouldn’t be playing for barca next season, he is the most sluggish slowest weakest physical body on the field right now he walk/jog on the field like in his 40s even though he is 31(he is physically degraded that much) that greatly reduce our pace through the midfield , speed of the ball movement which eventually prevents many of our counter attacking moments and most of the time what he does is slow side and back passes only..

  5. lol i if we continue this shit we might win ucl and if real loses one and draws one we might clutch the league? who knows brothers! 😀 😀


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