Today the US cancelled a trade meeting between the US and China. Does this mean a trade deal will not get done between China and the USA? Also we got …



  1. Not sure where the cancelled trade meeting news came from, but it isn't true. The meetings are still on for later this month. The news did cause problems in the market though. I wish we didn't have the incompetent "news" factories here.

  2. Fully invested here. In my opinion, having a lot of cash when we are still 10% down from last year’s S&P 500 high and there are still plenty of under priced stocks, is playing a dangerous market timing game.

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  4. These are the reasons why Warren Buffett, one of the world's richest man, is NOT a Republican! Trump is a disaster for our economy and relationship with our long-standing Allies who have stood and fought alongside with us! With government shutting down unless the workers take drastic actions, like NOT showing to work and mass demonstrations around DC and all over U.S., the buffoon Trump will continue to play his games until Mueller gets him which can take a while because of our justice system!

  5. China has nothing to lose, China is richer than USA, USA is still down in debt by Millions. Elon Musk knows all surrounding and underlying factor investing in China with the new Gigafactory, what USA is full of politicians who are out for themselves and there own political party, Growth and economy suffers, not even a new President can nor lawmakers can find solutions to this turmoils. USA media far worse made situations down shit hole drain.

  6. We had four straight weeks of positive market activity, a sell off today was justified. We're approaching the tale end of the economic cycle…investors should be cautious. Raising some cash these next couple of years will probably be a great strategy. I wouldn't sell everything because there are still market catalysts and great holdings to own, however the BE CAUTIOUS. This is going to be a volatile market and as the 2020 election approaches, expect the volatility to increase.

  7. Re: AOC video: I only have an economics minor and even I know best than to promote myself as a false economic god the way she does. I’m not sure if this is comedic or nightmarish or both.

  8. China has to learn stealing is bad and Donald The Great will punish you.
    Maybe they steal a little bit less in the future OR collapse and die like
    USSR (commi Russia).

  9. If you are a long term investor you should be happy stock prices are going down as long as fundamentals are good. It's your chance to buy great companies at a discount. I will be buying every month and building my positions that got too expensive for my taste.

  10. I hope nobody is putting their faith and Donald Trump doing anything to help the American people! He is a billionaire his idea of helping people is helping his business peers he has no realistic understanding of an average person's life even if you make a few hundred thousand a year he has no realistic understanding. This drama with China and other countries is a perfect tool to create a market that is constantly RI correcting up and down. That is wonderful for anybody who trade stocks and wants to buy stocks dirt cheap and undervalued again and again and again. So they terrorized the market and all of their buddies swoop in and buy cheap and then they come in an ounce of deal and it goes up in value in all of their buddies sell off their stock. Then they announced the deal is off the meetings are off and then the market tanks again and then all of their buddies do stock BuyBacks for their companies and buy a shitload of stock as everybody else is terrorized! This is pump and dump on a global scale it is Market manipulation and it is completely unethical, and sooner or later the rest of the world is going to lose faith in the American leadership role of the world and we will lose our currency global standard because of it. Then we will be in a steady decline for the next 100 years as China takes over as the world Reserve currency and the way Trump is doing these deals he is going to drive more and more countries away from us because they fear we are out of control and our money is not the safest place to put investment. I hope everybody watching is a patriotic American and cares about what happens to our country in the long-term and not making a quick Buck on the stock market like a pig at the trough!


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