US forces in Iraq face new threat from Iranian drone attacks – BBC News


Armed forces from the US and other Western nations are facing a new threat in Iraq. American airbases have come under attack from Iranian-made drones …



  1. Come on guys iraq has its own people they are in charge why blame iran! Proxy? In middle east we are all brothers inshlah we are putting down arms and even i hear Saudi has been in talks with iran so inshalah we can all unite and just rule and live in our own lands freely. If iraqi people attacking american military bases then this means they not happy also build jobs so people start working and dont joint bad unlawful organisations!

  2. Wether America or Russia or China..those who made or invented theser terrible toys are the responsible for the war. they seems like against terrorist but its crazy that they made the weapon and the terrorist gets it somewhow andsame producers comes againt terrorist.

  3. US and its Western allies went to the Middle east in the name of Freedom and Democracy in order to expand the Zionism of ISRAEL. And it is natural that IRAN and other anti-Zionist countries will not allow the expansion of Zionism. Anti-Zionist countries want the Jews brought to ISRAEL from Europe, Russia and elsewhere leave the lands of Palestine and set the Palestine free . This is the fact that the BBC never broadcasts


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