Unusual things I noticed that's going on in the USA right now.


Unusual things I noticed that’s going on in the USA right now The One Video chat. MAKE MONEY $$$ with your phone. CALLTHEONE.COM/JERMAINE Stash …



  1. you are telling the truth brother.. check the IMF reports on the Global and US economy.. we are in for a world of hurt in the next few years. I am doing my best to stack up, start investing in gold, and move abroad. the Job market is drying up and most of the positions are now outsourced, the housing market is going to hit another bust, etc. and as the economy starts to dwindle then racism and violence will continue to rise. Its a mess.

  2. Remember watching you on some random recommendation half a year ago and thought it was weird a guy was youtubing about travel but I liked it, deadass happy your channel growing

  3. what you saying doesn' make sense because you just said that bombing California is not a big treat is totally false. California can legit be it own country since all the tech companies like Facebook google wish all reside in sf and Silicon Valley.
    California has a high gdp then most countries in the world

  4. The world is about to drop the dollar but the interesting thing about this is US oil companies doing much of their business outside of the US. Remember the US just lifted a 40 year ban on US oil companies exporting the oil. For the first time in decades the US is at risk for another oil shortage like the 1970's. US is going green and China, india among many nations are still in high demand for oil. They will be the biggest consumers of oil in the coming years because of the level of development they're engaged in. Another interesting thing to understand is oil companies such as Exxon are pumping most of their new oil in other nations, Guyana being a big one. As long as these oil companies keep their money outside of the US they wont have to worry about being taxed by the US government. US doesn't see a dime of that momey which is going to be a big problem with many corporations shipping their headquarters out of the US. If the US bottoms and profits seize up, it's over considering the United states requires a great deal of money to operate in it's current state. The current situation in Venezuela is going to be a wake up call to Americans that they depend on the world to keep going. Remember Venezuela is the 3rd largest supplier of oil to the US. If this oil stops flowing the price of living skyrocket. Good note, at least Venezuela's president Nicholas Maduro said he would continue to send oil for US charity. As we should all know many people stay warm in the US during the winter with donated Venezuelan oil. Venezuela oil has not only helped the poor in the US, it was also used to fuel the US army during WW2..

  5. You have no clue what you are talking about. 90% of money printed is to replace currency that is pulled out of circulation. I won’t go into how many other errors you made. At least do a little research or get a proper education before you spout nonsense. Electric cars are less than 1% of cars sold. Far from popular
    Speculation is not knowledge. Gold is not a hedge. Drawing a line between bike lanes and the decline of the dollar. Yikes you have a lot of growing up to do.

  6. The only thing that keeps capitalism system is the fake credit system, without it capitalism would probably collapsed long time ago.most American are poors , living one paycheck from poverty, only 1% control all the wealth.

  7. Switching to the oil standard has done nothing but damage the american economy.

    It's a colossal waste of resources as well. There are a few things that we absolutely NEED fossil fuels for, among which is space travel. If mankind doesn't properly revolutionize space travel before we run out of fossil fuel, we'll be trapped on Earth forever.


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