Twitter CEO: ‘We are not’ discriminating against any political viewpoint


Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey knows the tech world has a problem. He’s asking big questions like “How do we earn peoples’ trust?” “We realize that more and more …



  1. Quit lying CNN. I know you feel like you can't but enough is enough. All you are doing is supporting censoring your opposition. None of the left blogs or groups openly calling for violence are being censored. So of course you will cover for those trying to fix elections just like you did with Clinton. You have told so many lies you are even driving democrats away. What a bunch of clueless idiots. @WalkAway

  2. There’s no freedom of expression on twitter anymore, as long as you want to follow and praise kim kardashian you’re ok…otherwise they just suspend your account because you tweet your opinion?..All I say is : Fuck off twitter.

  3. 1st amendment!!!! Discrimination is discrimination even when its against people like Alex Jones, it is a slippery slope. Hate or love Alex Jones you have to ask yourself…… When is it going to be you, who is ban from saying something? The truth hurts these people need to figure out that lies destroy credibility and over time the truth will come out and destroy or vindicate your credibility. Taking away someones freedom of speech most of the time adds credibility to their point of view.

  4. Dorsey is a complete spineless sellout. His depressed , joyless and dead eyes are indicative of this.
    This is the look of a very unhappy dead souled billionaire.
    Goood luck with karma you motherfucker.

  5. How do you earn peoples trust? Do not refer to any person as a weed in an overgrown garden. All people should have the same ability to voice their opinion. If you don't like it, don't listen.

  6. Brian Stelter is a mistake. The majority of the country appreciates Trump. Silencing conservative voices is backfiring on the mainstream media. Just like prohibiting alcohol, drugs, and usury, CENSORSHIP is backfiring. It only strengthens the oppressed. CNN is more of a joke than the bald soyboy

  7. This man says he wants to adjust people's behavior with his company! Instead of Twitter being the soap box in the town square that everyone is allowed to stand on and shout their views, Dorsey wants to decide which people's ideas will be allowed so as to create Dorsey's version of a better society. This is sick stuff.

  8. It's really amazing what an incredibly self-righteous, arrogant elitist the CNN host is. He talks as if he has never done anything wrong, his network never misinforms people, but others are bad. He talks as if he is sent from above to inform us all, because he is so much more informed, and we are all stupid children who need to be told what is truth and what isn't. I hate these ignorant elitists.

  9. I never say curse words in comment section of videos on YouTube. But I just can't help myself on this video. To the CEO OF TWITTER; F**k You! F**k You! F**k You! For allowing the goddamed diseased MF'er in the oval office to run his s**t hole on your stupid f**king platform! Have a nice day.

  10. The problem is, we don't trust CNN and those you speak on behalf of (not many – but very loud), to define what 'hate speech' and 'misinformation' should be banned, because you will define the terms so as to exclude any opposition to your authoritarian dystopia. Twitter bans right of center Trump supporters, whilst waving through openly violent extreme left wing groups, and violent jihadists. So yeah, they are kind of biased.

  11. Number one is to not allow people to just have a twitter "handle". Make sure everyone has their name on the account that is visible. Number two is to not allow an account to be started until it is verifiable to be a person.


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