Trump threatens to deny New York a vaccine. See governor's response


New York Governor Andrew Cuomo reacts to President Trump’s remarks in the Rose Garden threatening to deny his state a vaccine for coronavirus.



  1. 249,998 Deaths! What are you gonna tell your child miss McEnany? How can you choose for a man who has so many deaths on his conscience, and what about your conscience? You know there are still a lot of corona patients who suffering in a terrible way, but you and Trump will not give them a chance to get better and survive, it's a shame. Everything Jesus found despicable about a human being can be found in Trump and his retinue …..
    Mister Trump, even now you can not give the people with corona a chance to survive, how sick are you? Is there in your life not one moment you feel love and empathie?

  2. From what he said I understood that he believes in Pfizer ,but when the vaccine is ready he does not want it because he believes that Trump is manipulating Pfizer. Please be serious .

  3. TRUMP clearly said: NEW YORK is the ONLY STATE that hasn't yet AUTHORIZED DELIVERY for the VACCINE. Simply put, CUOMO REFUSED to get it for his PEOPLE.
    4:09 Notice Cuomo's body language when he says "they're will be no delay" (head shaking i.e. means he's lying). Cuomo ain't no saint either, not to mention the thousands of deaths he caused to occur in nursing homes.

  4. The COVID case numbers are going up and 45 has yet to come out and make a statement about wearing mask and social distance. He’s stopped being President because he is so wrapped up into saving his own butt that he’s forgotten to govern ALL OF AMERICA during these unsettling times.

  5. You people have no idea that humanity is hanging by a thread ….Biden represents Satanists , the regressive Cabal that thrive on wars and human suffering which Trump has been fighting as they let america go to hell and he brought it back a bit. If Trump doesnt win every person on the plant will suffer. Trump represents law and order and capitalism the life you are slowly loosing, due to foreign satanic companies taking over your country and buying up major corporations. This is not a joke . if biden wins prepare for Hell on Earth like a horror you have never seen before

  6. Trump tries to take credit for the creation of a vaccine that he and his administration HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH; is publicly fact-checked and shot down by the company that made the vaccine.
    Trump then threatens to withhold that vaccine HE HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH CREATING from a state where he has a personal grudge with the governor of that state; after doing nothing to tackle coronavirus, he now actively tries to prevent American citizens from being protected from it at all. Just so he can look like a mafia boss (because screw your lives, American people – NOTHING must stand in the way of Trump looking like a badass!)
    And all this time, Trump is refusing to acknowledge that the American people VOTED HIM OUT, on both the electoral college AND the popular vote. THERE IS NO FRAUD – the results aren't 'fraudulent' just because he doesn't like them! Every case he's brought forward has been thrown out. Many state judges are now even talking about taking HIM to court for wasting their time with fraudulent claims.
    And who are the countries that are yet to congratulate Biden for his win? Russia, China and North Korea. Y'know, the ones Trump is said to be 'tough on,' and the ones MAGA nuts claim Biden is 'in league with.' So why aren't those countries falling over themselves to welcome Biden now? This is their dream come true, isn't it, if what Trump's been saying all this time has any truth to it?
    The sensible people don't need to be told all of this, of course – they already know it. But the 70 million MAGA nuts out there need to hear this stuff, and be made to think about it. If 'thinking' is something they can still do.

  7. Why does CCN try so hard to attack our President? Fellow Americans, watch the full speech from President Trump and see for yourself what he said, not CNN's take on the matter. Where is your integrity CNN?

  8. The vaccine will not be widely available. 50 million will be made this year and require 2 doses. Only about 12.5 million Americans will get the vaccine. There are also supply chain issues due to the 94 below zero storage temperature to keep it viable. Most people will not get vaccinated for quite some time. We are on our own until Jan 20th.

  9. I always considered Wolf Blitzer to be reasonably honest, but the last few years have dispelled all that. His first sentence is a clue:
    Blitzer: "…his (Trump's) first public remark since his election defeat…"
    The election hasn't even been called; and he makes such a statement…, but it gets worse.
    Blitzer plays part of Trump's announcement, but stops when Trump is about to explain – omitting any traction to the discussion.
    If there were an honest media ombud, this man should lose his job, along with all other radio/TV/print-media peole who are conscious frauds and liars..


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