Trump responds to Iranian threats l ABC News


President Donald Trump issued a warning to Iran via Twitter stating, “… should Iran strike any U.S. person or target, the United States will quickly & fully strike …



  1. Schumer…when will you do anything significant for America? Your actions, voice and leadership or lack of is pretty indicative of your history in politics. Wake up and put America first, we need leaders who will actually put America and her people first. To date you have done nothing other than whine!

  2. @1:19 "protests at the US Embassy" – Here is your MSM liberal slant America, for all to see. It wasn't a protest, it was an attack. The Embassy is destroyed. And the Iranian general authorized it.

  3. Shut up your mouth Schumer. You Democrats have caused way more wars than President Trump has or will probably ever hold. Or cause…. The Iranians are begging for war when they threaten our leader….watch your tongue Schumer are we may send you to live with the Iranians, who might end up cutting your head off, being they like to do that to our Americans…

  4. Any president in the future will be easily impeached, and powerless…
    Biden if by some miracle his senile ass made it to the Whitehouse, could be instantly impeached for obviously doing, and anouncing on tv the actual things they are accusing Trump of !
    Trump' s reporting has been independently measured at about 93 % negative? Impartial press, What a joke, torching the constitution and the presidency because you don't like the guy is infantile..very, very sad, the end of the great democratic experiment called 'America'..
    Love and Peace to everyone, everywhere, always!

  5. Americans should celebrate Solemani was taken out. I didn't even vote for Trump. But finally their is a president like Trump who has balls. Americans will not fear the Iranians. How many thousands of Americans both civilian and military have the Iranians killed through their proxi puppets and terrorist. Tit for tat mother _uckers.

    _uck Tehran and their hypocracy. For every American you hurt or kill I hope our US government kills 100 of your terrorist.

    Trump did not light up any fuse as portrayed by our discusting inaccurate American media. Democrats need to get their head out of their _ss. The fuse long ago has previously been lit for decades by the shites and sunni. We will not be threatened by the Iranians, not their actions to turn Iraq into a proxy terrorist group. Nor we will ever allow the Iranians to control the straight of Hormuz.. We "MUST NEVER "fold , bow down in shame or regret for taking preemptive actions, that we must take to defend our Nation , our economic interest and save the lives of American troops for the betterment of global stability and peace.


  6. If your home is no more there where will you bring your soldiers back Trump! ? This not a comment, this a serious piece of thought coz Iran has the capability of striking the US mainland.

  7. My fellow Americans, the Iranians will probably strike U.S. cities to finally make this President Orange-utan realize that international diplomacy is conducted by seasoned professionals rather than a temperamental 5-yer old who uses sensational first-strikes to get the onus of impeachment off his plate…… but the American public has a long memory…..even longer than the minority party.

  8. People look at the negative side BUT that Iran Soleimani mastermind of killing 1000s Iranian Iraqi Syrians and Turkish innocent people who cried and who cared for all the innocent Woman Children Father Mother Brother and Sisters death. Why feel sorry for these bullies. Iran Iraq Syria Turkish civiliens a very nice people just this big bully is not Ayatollah should be next Iran needs freedom not dictator.

  9. "So here's the deal. I can do whatever the fuck I like and if you retaliate, I'll fuck you over, And did I mention I want to end endless wars and bring our boys home?". – The orange stain.

  10. This is new game among many games which are being played by Arms producing countries like USA,Russia, China,UK,France. Rule of this game is keep ignite and conflicts alive and every one of this club to arm their respective country and explore new war games.This all money matters in the name of global peace and harmony.


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