Top 10 Celebrities Who Aged Horribly


Top 10 Celebrities Who Aged Horribly Subscribe To Beyond The Screen: We all get old even celebrities, however some age better than …



  1. the nerve….you need to see an orthodondist if you want to be honest… bottom right and upper right…. crookedand crowded teeth could use some work ….just sayin,………..on camera to boot?

  2. I don't think this topic was a good move. If you have to put that much of a disclaimer before the video because you think people will be offended, maybe just don't do the video. Also, suuuuuper disrespectful to call Prince Phillip "Phil" in my opinion. And you did it like, 10 times. He should not have even been on this list. He is sick, he is of very advanced age and he is a prince, not really a celebrity.

  3. Maybe I shouldn’t be but I’m actually very disappointed with this video. I expect a lot better content than bullying people for aging. I’m hoping they don’t plan on doing a part two of this crap!


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