Top 10 Biggest Celebrity Feuds Of 2021


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  1. "Power couple"… FR?! Gtfoh!!! None OF these cornballs ARE celebrities OR famous!! Nor do they harbor ANY talent!! When I hear the phrase power couple I think OF WILL smith and jada pinkett Smith!!

  2. While I give respect to both Jake & Logan Paul for seriously training boxing and some MMA, (I believe they were both fairly good high school wrestlers also), Jake Paul calling out Conor McGregor is like him calling out LeBron James to play in a one-on-one basketball game! Normally I would be okay with him calling out Ben Askren BUT! 1. He wants him to box and Askren is known as a wrestler and MMA fighter (who mostly relied on his wrestling) and 2. Ben Askren had to retire because he needed a hip-replacement. (Which I’m unsure if he got). I’d prefer Askren not risk his body anymore but if he has to do this, it should be either an MMA match or Grappling match. Especially since both Paul & Askren have wrestling backgrounds.

  3. I hope that prince William and Harry find peace be family. After all they are family. Royal family yes but first and foremost family. And I also agree with the queen their family feud should be private. It's in the family so in my belief that's where it should stay.


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