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Historic flooding batters the Northeast, the Supreme Court issues a late night ruling on a Texas abortion law, and a U.K. study finds vaccines continue to offer …



  1. God, I pray that you sort out those individuals who take favor in abortion. They believe themselves morally righteous and like everything else in their life, they justify themselves. Separate the wheat and the tares.


    this is the video I was watching before YouTube very incorrectly Auto played this propaganda crap up here. Anybody else freaking sick of the legacy Media trying to take YouTube and internet back from us? This crap does not belong on YouTube, YouTube was supposed to be the people oh, there is no room for propaganda and fear-mongering or criminal crap on this platform.
    if this is the first time you've ever heard anyone talk this way and you would like more information, please feel free to comment and I will get back to you.
    if you either work for the new station or you are just a bot or a paid troll, well you're part of the problem. Get a job you can be proud of on your deathbed one day.

  3. If they want to keep women from getting a abortion Then Make These LOSERS Pay For Them. I'm Sick Of Paying For These Kid's. I Don't Feel Bad For The People Stuck In Any Other Countries. Should Have Stayed Here.

  4. With the multitude of birth control options, including the morning after pill, there should not be unwanted pregnancies in the first place. Making abortion procedures only necessary in cases where the mother's life is in danger or miscarriage.


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