This is how Facebook kills its competition


CNN’s Jon Sarlin explores the different ways that the social media giant has kept competitors at bay — and why that could now spell trouble.



  1. Microsoft been doin that for a long time. but in the and they will fail. There will be a better format that will emerge soon. when people get tired of FB censorship. like what they are doin right now in PH island

  2. The API is antitrust breakage since they own the majority marketshare in API. It would be one thing to charge more but they are leveraging one part of its business to attack another major source of its resource. It isn't illegal to be a monopoly in the US. It is illegal to have majority marketshare in something and then try to prevent other market leaders. Most likely they will have to spin off their API business. That is likely on the horizon for Facebook. It would be good for the internet and Facebook to do so as the API business can do a lot more in that regard. In the sense of Internet companies like Facebook, the users are the resource and not the consumer. The consumer is the advertisers. Companies like Snapchat would need to build their own API to do so. Though that deny part is the anti-competitive aspect. I think buyouts are okay because the competitor agrees to sell itself to the competitor and it also opens the door for new companies to startup. Buyouts make sense in Facebook's system because of the fact that social media was such a fast growing low barrier to entry market. Now that it is getting regulation, we may see that change but the API deny is very likely a breech of anti-trust laws. Copying a competitor isn't bad either as consumers win out with an already established content distribution system. Protecting the consumer is critical to why we have anti-trust laws in the first place. When it comes to denial and a monopoly that is when the anti-trust laws become breached.

  3. നിങ്ങൾ. വലും എന്ന് പറയുമ്പോൾ വരില്ല അഡ്ഡസ് മുഴുവനും.തന്നു ഡിൽ മൈ.ഹോം.ഇമിഗ്രേഷൻ. കിട്ടാതെ അയിട്ട് മാസം ഒന്നിയി

  4. its smart not evil. if myspace had done it or, blockbuster done it. it wouldve been a different world, however some learn to adapt and challenge enemies head on. only issue i have is censorship. you start to censor ANYONE because of viewpoints, your going to piss off ALOT of people.


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