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Hollywood scandals are the loudest ones. For instance, celebrity scandal about James Franco and Ally Sheedy relationship lead to the huge James Franco …



  1. I thought Franco is a nobody so how can he use his position if he doesn't have one?
    And if you're assaulted why go to Facebook instead of the police? It's sad some people make horrible story's up. Now nobody knows what to believe anymore. Shame on you you lairs!!!

  2. I remember rumours going around on some very hush-hush sites about Franco and Amber Heard pursuing a very young actor (who I will not name) and making him sleep with them after he got very drunk… and then avoiding him like hell.

  3. So sad, 30 years later, there are still rich laws and poor laws, black laws and white laws, who you know laws, example laws for some, a slap on the wrist law for others, bribery laws for some, and you’re not important enough laws for others, status and popularity laws for some, power laws for some and then white corporate America laws for others, and then there’s always the payback laws for other people’s crimes that got off, or too many of the right people have complained about you, and finally you’re just the wrong color period law, guilty or not. Me too has opened the door for a lot to cry wolf. Oooh, and let’s not forget Jim Crow is still around and the good old boys law is here to stay, look at the White House!!

  4. You trivialized this content calling it "Scandals". James Franco, Bryan Singer, Ed Westwick, Dustin Hoffman, Bill Cosby, Kevin Spacey and Harvey Weinstein are sexual offenders. And by the way, this was a very short list! I found evasion, justification, rationalization, etc. in their comments. But why would it be that their victims have less recognition or power? It seems to me they all are guilty, it is even notorious their narcissism, hoping that their fame will protect them from their victims´ accusation.
    I disagree with the terms "sexual predators"; a predator has a biological function but these men are socially dysfunctional. A sexual offender is always a sadist and enjoy the game of being undercover and unforgettable for their victims. They can also have a double lifestyle and they have not been necessarily victims of sexual abuse but they don´t want to stop, a very small group of them have mental problems but they definitely lack mental health. if they go to the court, most of them are unfortunately released. A sexual offender will go to therapy only if that is mandatory by the court.
    Rape and all kind of sexual abuse are violent acts and not a sexual relationship. Victims experience physical pain and/or psychological suffering. The consequences of the trauma may last the rest of their lives according to the brutality of the offender. Victims experience cycles of depression, emotional crisis, suicidal thoughs, feelings of guilt, frustration, ire and fear; and mourning of oneself. They can´t deal with their emotions then getting social isolated because their relationships become very difficult. If sexual abuse is systematically practiced; the victim may consent the abuse after a while in order to suffer less, then a victim can experience pleasure for instance, leading to guilt. Sexual abuse can also trygger alcoholism, drug abuse, murder ideation, suicidal or crime attempts, and suicide or murder.
    It is important parental supervision because children, pubertal children and teenagers can abuse sexually younger children and toddlers; though it is more an impulsive behavior. Therapy is essential in all the cases of abuse. But the most important is the prevention. I encourage this topic is widespread. We are facing a pandemic.

  5. I can’t bring myself to believe Ed Westwick did these crimes! I’m too nostalgic about Gossip Girl and remembering how shy and sweet he seemed in interviews!

  6. A gold mine attracts a gold digger this turns into a gold rush. Why did you wait sooooo long to talk. Power is soooo appealing but equally toppling that power can be thrilling, satisfying, Poor victim me. Oh well there is the spotlight and of cause the gold. The replies are not convincing. Thank you Mr Gabriel

  7. None I follow Q and more people are going to be in the light. From dark to light. Thats what part of the virus shut down is. President Trump thank u. Lots of Pedo's out there. These people are sick.


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