The largest CITIES in the USA summarized – Part 1 (Geography Now!)


The first 25 “Largest -per-state cities explained. Birmingham to Kansas city. Enjoy! We now have a Public mailbox! Feel free to send anything via mail! Our public …



  1. We just finished filming the next few episodes today so while we are in post-production editing the next country, Many of you requested this topic for filler week so here it is! PART 1 of the Largest cities PER STATE summarized! Birmingham Alabama to Kansas city Missouri. Enjoy!

  2. Phoenix is actually located on the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Reservation, which is made of two different Native American tribes: the Pima, and the Maricopa. There are several Apache tribes with one reservation located in northeastern Arizona, encompassing the Navajo reservation, not in the state’s capital metropolitan area.

  3. Atlanta, home of at least part of like all the Marvel movies, 1/3 of the rap game, and Coca-Cola. We’re also the not-so-proud owners of a blown 28-3 lead in the Super Bowl. At least our soccer team is good.

  4. Given I was born in Des Moines and lived there for 15 years until I moved. It’s really not a city that gives you much to talk about. The Iowa State Fair (one of the most well known state fairs) is held not far outside of Des Moines in Altoona. It’s pretty much boring but also interesting at the same time.

  5. Though Kansas is flat, with the exception of the Flint Hills, it is actually the 6th flattest state in the US. Also it'd be nice if you actually had shown a picture of Wichita, but it's whatever

  6. From Connecticut: NW: mostly wooded, a few nice towns filled with amazing people. (Most of Northern CT is like the country part of the state. Hunting, country music, all that stuff (except for Litchfield Hills)). North-Central: lots of small fields, farming, a few suburban towns that are constantly growing. NE: not much really happens there, just a few nice towns. Nothing ever makes the local news. Hartford area: XL Center and tons of restaurants and crime. About it. Southern CT: lots of beaches, not very healthy beaches though. Lots of us go to Rhode Island or Mass for beach experience. Most of the main CT cities are here (Bridgeport, New Haven.)

  7. I live around Detroit, and I love it. The Urban decay is actually pretty cool, to look at. Its sort of post apocalyptic, centered around a pretty cool downtown, reminds me of fallout. And with the steady swarm of hipsters moving here, there's a lot more art, good food, and craft beer here. Good area for music and comedy too!

  8. CT is a pretty bad state tbh. High taxes, shitty beaches, creepy and haunted stuff, and all of the cities are a dump. We aren't that clean and proper but we are really suburban.


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