The Lakers could trade multiple picks to acquire D'Angelo Russell – Brian Windhorst | Get Up


Brian Windhorst explains how the Los Angeles Lakers could reunite with D’Angelo Russell by trading multiple second-round picks to the Brooklyn Nets for D-Lo.



  1. The league is this desperate to get Bron another ring the Lakers r willing to destroy there future for 3yrs wit him and AD who will AD play wit after yr 3 but the Lakers r only thinking about NOW that's only good if u know you'll have future assets and apparently the media won't bash them anymore it's almost like they got a call to say stop talking shit about the Lakers front office.. I'll say if the Knicks did this they would get clowned

  2. The Lakers need a defensive PG that can pass well when the ball is off Lebron's hands and shoot decently from range. The cap space they have should be spent on getting a good bench with a 3 point shooter, a scorer, a Center with paint presence, etc.


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