The Coronavirus Task Force Holds A Press Briefing | TIME


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  1. what a bunch of sad sacks shit heads !!! hahah!!! only fox showed the actual chart on tv. nbc usa tday, time,cbs blah blah blah didn't show it. It might register more if you see it. But ,but, but, he's telling you what's on the chart.

  2. Corona is a biological warfare weapon in use by China even today or tomorrow. All Chinese people should be banned to enter US for a year. Minute investigation is essential to see who is using this weapon within US. This is CCP sabotage to use this weapon invisibly at some intervals. This is a possibility.

  3. Respectfully, in-vitro research is not directly applicable to medical treatment. A viral particle in a "bucket" is not the same as a viral particle inside a human cell. I would like to see more physician and nurse scientists being included in these briefings.

  4. A note of the reporter that asked about summer like conditions in New Orleans. I live in Nola. Since we switched from winter to summer our numbers bottomed out. When we had a few cool days and the few days later our numbers spiked. But it’s started to get crazy hot here and our numbers dropped faster than anyone’s and we have far more pre-existing conditions.

    We’re also very humid.

  5. He does not even bother with going to briefs, he just has them write his speech and then he reads it, not meeting with anyone, prior to going out before the Press….


  6. Jesus clowns on parade Christ. Same group of clowns that couldn't find a 6'5" guy on dialysis in the desert. Weapons of mass destruction. Babies taken out of incubators. Oh and Assad is gassing his own ppl. Trust your government. Just ask your local American indian. Anybody need a blanket or whiskey?. Scamdemic.

  7. Wow I just wish we did not have to hear this idiot run his disgusting mouth blaming everyone and attacking the media and saying how wonderful he his everyday really have we really learned anything out of Trump's mouth Trump's he's. A lier the GOP are liers Trump needs to be thrown in jail for crimes against humanity I mean Trump takes being a psycho to a new level

  8. We all know 45 is an incompetent idiot with a brain the size of a pea. Well, today this idiot proved just how inept and stupid he is when he asked the doctors on the task force if a disinfectant could be given intravenously to kill the virus. I bet you there will be plenty idiots at FOX and followers who voted for this clown who will actually try his latest ingenious idea. Let’s hope this clown along with the mayor of Las Vegas, another brilliant wack job will be the first to try. I can see it now, …”Melania, let’s try using the turkey flavoring injector and add some hand sanitizer to kill the virus. Maybe I can win the Nobel prize for science babe.” I hope this idiots and all his followers take a shot of his potion and drop dead so they can all go to hell where they belong.

  9. if these people say they been testing since February that means they know about this shit long time and they want to put people in harms way only lying to the people wake up America


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