The 2020 NBA title might be decided in the next few weeks – Brian Windhorst | The Jump


Rachel Nichols, Brian Windhorst and Kendrick Perkins discuss the fallout of the Toronto Raptors winning Game 6 of the 2019 NBA Finals, and whether the …



  1. Both Washington and Portland need to break up their back court. Gotta make sacrifices and we sacrificed the very much loved DeRozan. Wall and Beal, McCallum and Lillard… Gotta make those changes.

  2. Perkins is an idiot to think the west and east are somehow even. One player moves west (LeBron) and one moves east (Kawhi) now the story is the east is better? That narrative is garbage

  3. Brutal title to the video imo. No, the title will be decided right around this time next year AGAIN like it is every year. Raptors proved it THIS year, you have to PLAY THE GAMES before anything is decided. smh

  4. Might be decided my ass. This year we were all sure the Dubs will win the title and guess what, two of their best players suffered catastrophic injuries. And they didn't win. If Kawhi's buzzer beater hadn't gone in, Toronto wouldn't have won either. Nobody can't predict shit in this league.

  5. just like how the lakers or the warriors will go to the finals and win the championship lol before you start predicting 2020 check for several factors injuries,Trade and ilnneses

  6. Kawhi will change team every year while picking up trophies along the way. He will end up being the only player in history winning 6 FMVPs on 6 different teams.

  7. Perk we wait & see the Lakers. You need a squad / roster to win a Championship.
    Raptors had Leaonrd, Lowry, Siakam, Gasol, Danny Green, VanVleet, Norman Powell, Ibaka & they did not need Anonoby. Your Celtics that won a ring had aquad. What squad will Lakers have getting AD Jeannie Buss has to sacrifice his young crew. So you will LBJ, AD, KCP, Rich Paul & Maverick Carter & in the bench you will the Pesnioners like last year in McGee, Stephenson, Baesely ….. DDDDUUUUHHHH !!!!


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