Tapper: How many lives affected by Trump's 'false sense of security'


CNN’s Jake Tapper replays a clip of President Donald Trump from February 2020, claiming Trump provided Americans a ‘false sense of security.’ #CNN #News.



  1. "I am not fit for this office and never should have been here" W.G. Harding. Maybe 45 might make the same quote, when he becomes aware of his own incompetence.

  2. When you have a third-rate TV clown trying to run a first world nation this is what you get. Donald Trump never planned on having to work. He never even planned on becoming president. I hope all those turds wearing those stupid red hats are paying attention.

  3. Don't worry people, it is a "HOAX". Dead people are just democrats who are playing dead to hurt his campaign because he is doing a "GREAT" job. So go to work and fill up churches.

  4. Aircraft carrier isolated in China sea has 24 crew with virus that means air Bourne not human contact it’s a weapon deep state operatives and China did this for sure. Wow. Trump 20/20 help rid curruption

  5. I'm completely mind blown. If there's been 800 deaths in the country, La is saying they have over 50 deaths. That's one sixteenth of all deaths in one concentrated area

  6. "I'm getting the distinct impression that many on the left will be disappointed when things start getting back to normal. Their dislike of normal American life has never been more apparent." Liberals celebrating the outbreak of Wuhan virus cases in the United States is entirely unsurprising. Many of them hate you, they hate themselves, they hate this country, they hate their lives, & they’d attack you in a moment if they weren’t such wusses. I think they hate America so much they will fake having the virus to keep people in fear and then throw in some Coronavirus political hate. They can’t function without victims.


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