Surge in UK coronavirus infections – BBC News


The UK has recorded nearly 3000 new coronavirus cases in the last 24 hours – which is the highest daily number since May. The Health Secretary Matt Hancock …



  1. The BBC never has anything positive to say, like few deaths. The country has almost gained herd immunity, high cases due to ramped up testing but now virtually no deaths, the virus has completely petered out to little more than a common cold. How can anyone one with a brain cell still believe this BBC fearmongering propaganda, it really is disgusting.

  2. UK government asked people to go to work and children back to school! government keeps emphasising to keep the social distance but how can we all do that when schools are opened! Non- sense

  3. Doctors, Nurses and scientists don't know whats in vaccines. They're just slaves to the establishment and to the government, being told what to do and follow protocol to keep their jobs and licenses. What the feck does someone like Bill Gates know about medicine and vaccines? The government and media are not that stupid. They know what's going on and the media are helping push their agenda.
    The NHS don't care for the public. Just look at the crap they feed you when you're ill in hospital. That says enough. When you're ill, you need proteins and fats to rebuild your immune system and cells in your body to make a faster recovery. Not processed Garbage and Gravy made to make you gag on. Nobody knows whats being put in our bodies. I belive that cases of ADHD, deformaties, mental health issues and so on are all apart of experiments when we have our immunity vaccines. I reckon 1 in every 10,000 vaccines or so, are not what we are made to believe. Medicine is a worldwide buisness. Corperations invest heavily in. 60% of the NHS has been privitised since Thatcher. 90% of that has been pushed by Tory in Red, Mr capitalist himself.. "Tony Blair", with his worldwide speeches, selling public services along the way to medical alliances, selling prisons to security alliances and private companies, invested by MPs with public money. Corona virus hoax is big buisness for corperations worldwide. Making out hospitals can't cope, forcing private medical firms to invest. David Singleton, the head of NHS London caught selling 20,000 PPEs to private medical firms, during the middle of the pandemic, then deleted his account on LinkedIn when he was found out, pretended to be somebody else. The media wasn't quick to report that.. No! It was never mentioned.
    The world is over populated with poverty and third world countries. Governments are Culling the population (Genocide) and small buisnesses, forcing them to close or to be forced under corperate control. Examples Carphone warehouse, Argos and small motor factors, being forced into bigger corperations like Curry's, Sainsburys and American Autoparts alliance groups like NAPA and Autoparts Group. Wake up ffs! By closing down small buisnesses and culling the OAPs , means pensions being missed out on for the governments to collect for their future investments in our "once public services".

  4. If there’s another lockdown hope it’s at Christmas shops shut great no presents to go out and buy NICE. As you can see I’m not talking this to seriously anymore. It’s a joke.

  5. Hey BBC news I have a Bio medical certificate and I made a prevention is better than cure remedy out of Strawberry herbal tea, 1/2 teaspoon of Bonjela and a canesten oral solution sachet….try it YOURSELVES to find out please…Thank you from Mycarion Skystones.

  6. If there is a deadly virus out there a lockdown wont do shit the kung flue wont fuck of back to china it would still be here when we come out of lock down so I for 1 wont be stopping in home

  7. Top 10 Countries Virus Deaths:
    San Marino ~ 1237 Deaths Per Million.
    Peru ~ 903 Deaths Per Million.
    Belgium ~ 854 Deaths Per Million.
    Andorra ~ 686 Deaths Per Million.
    Spain ~ 631 Deaths Per Million.
    United Kingdom ~ 612 Deaths Per Million.
    Chile ~ 609 Deaths Per Million.
    Bolovia ~ 599 Deaths Per Million.
    Brazil ~ 595 Deaths Per Million.
    Ecuador ~ 595 Death Per Million.

  8. Luckily there is no dangerous pandemic – Enjoy your Herpes! Let us formulate the following common political goal: "Internally, bosses must also become responsible to the grassroots, especially in groups with delegated powers (police, parties, governments, media, banks, infrastructure … even the military). We know the good, the bad and the ugly in the direct (professional) environment best. In order to support socially committed people and degrade charlatans, we need triple assessments by superiors, colleagues and subordinates that are effective for promotion up and down regularly."

  9. People are stopping co-operating and will continue to do so.
    Tedros at the W.H.O. told us all that vaccines won't change anything and 'we cannot go back to how we were before'.
    There you have it – he's told us nothing is going to change and it has nothing to do with a 'virus', rather it is a guise to push through draconian climate change fascism and destroy our way of life.
    It will result in BILLIONS ( not millions ) of deaths, via starvation and LACK OF A FUNCTIONING STATE HEALTH SERVICE.


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