Stock market plunges, but it’s not time to panic


CNN’s Clare Sebastian says a perfect storm of factors sent the Dow plummeting 1100 points, but cautioned that a market correction was long overdue following …



  1. I like the expression, ‘Wages has gone up’, for who? O I see GM executives and Goldman Sachs. Yes, the same people crushed the economy in 2007-2008!
    Closing GM and letting almost 15,000 out of a job is not growth. A second grader can tell you that!

  2. Funny CNN only plays their negative Trump agenda when it’s plays into their hands. They love seeing America suffer! Question- how come at no democrat Rallies do you hear USA being chanted by the crowd?? Do they really hate America

  3. come on, guys, cheer up, we count you guys to buy more wash machine, iphone from us, only just like 25% more expensive one, but still less expensive than us native one, they are like 50% more expensive now.

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  6. shit when Obama was in office the Dow Jones highest points was 17,000 points when Obama was in his full 8 years, with 24,000 point with Trump in office ,the Dow is still at it highest! stop crying on the left!

  7. Applause??? For a plunge in the market??? Must be Fox News crew at their usual “denial reporting” just to make Trump look good at any cost!!! Reminds me of the song: Don’t worry be happy???

  8. The Trump and Fox News Bull Shi$@& Bubble plus their unregulated greed grab of public funds agenda is as worthless as the their fake news propaganda campaign. What a buncha bandit losers!

  9. When the market drops, its due to investors selling. No transparency in the sellers. So, does this mean no one is making money?
    Money is being made somewhere! Not long term investors ( retirement accounts) Yes, money is being made, but who is making
    it. Why doesn't anyone report who the sellers are that have caused this drastic effect on the stock market. Instead, it is called a
    market correction. Please, ignorance is bliss. Let the stock exchange make their billions and call it what they may. So Sad!

  10. In addition, the wise-but-foolish-at-the-same-time jews/communists who control the stock market just PROVED TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE AND THE WORLD they can make the stock market do whatever they want.  It's not subject to "market forces", it's subject to the whimsy of the major jewish stockholders selectively buying and selling.  Trump makes historic changes that affects the jewish/communist agenda, all of a sudden the stock market crashes – the worst ever in the history of the stock market.  And a covert signal that Trump had better back off.  That would be a dire warning to a sane populace that everything the "conspiracy nuts" have been saying about jewish/communist control of our economy is THE TRUTH.  


  11. Hahahha, Dow dropped another 1032 last night red Thursday.  I told you Americans your market will crash under Trump. I hope it drops below 19,000 so that his arrogance will be torn apart. It's an opportunity to me though.

  12. Why not invest some more money in the pharmaceuticals companies that make opiate painkillers then maybe your kids will become addicted to them that is after they get back from the next war fought on behalf of the war-profiteering corporations your retirement is invested in. Then you can blame your kids for failing but still have a nice retirement. Hypocrite zombies.

  13. Obama never panicked, always took everything in stride. But Trump will panic. He's already in panic mode over the Mueller investigation and this will just exacerbate things. As a consequence, my prediction is that he will soon be in conflict with his own recently appointed Fed chairman, and the big market players will be spooked by his increasing instability and the destabilizing effect it will have on the market. The market will crash.

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