SE Cupp: What you saw is a presidential temper tantrum


CNN’s SE Cupp slams President Trump’s declaration of a national emergency over border wall funding. #CNN #News.



  1. This happens when you elect a narcissistic mental ill criminal idiot for the presidency. An idiot who actually believes he is a stable genius who knows everything much better than any other people on this earth, who believes he is the best dealer maker, who is the best leader who only hires criminals and idiots who embrace him.

  2. Look it’s the fake news the people that like baby killers bad news fake news the CNN will fall with Democrats for fake news lol and everyone knows it trump took American voters and went home lol

  3. sounds more like trunk…i mean trump is on a witch hunt for the stuff he cant have (the wall) that mexico is supposed to pay for,…and now trying to force american tax dollars to pay for,…FAKE PRESIDENT,….

  4. A lot of walls for 2020 ,its all a plan hes has,he knows hes in deep shit with all these scandals and investigations, he thinks in his little plea brain 45 with a wall he would get votes for 2020, I notice it I'm sure others have thought the same.45 is a phoney pony what he said he's right on point..its so 45,he an

  5. Obama's $1.7 Billion gift to Iran… when, oh my, there was ALREADY a Presidential National Emergency declaration still current issued by President Carter in 1979 against Iran (a terrorist state) freezing their assets? The emergency powers act is about crisis management, not EMERGENCY situations. If that were true, most of the existing declared National Emergencies would have ended long ago!

  6. If he's allowed to get away with this there will be no end to what he does, or what lines he will cross. And how much more money is he wasting as this is being fought throughout the court systems? Any Republican who is okay with this needs to go. So speak up now unless you want to make sure the other side unless you're going to be okay with the Democrats doing the same thing. And I guarantee when they do it what day will be talkin about we'll be much more of a real emergency than this ridiculous, un-needed campaign promise of a wall.


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