Scott Disick & Sofia Richie Break Up Details Revealed – Breaking News


Scott Disick & Sofia Richie officially break up and Kourtney Kardashian steps in to help her ex during this difficult time. #ScottDisick #SofiaRichie …



  1. I know everyone wants Kourt and Scott together because that’s what we’re used to seeing but they’re not meant to be they have 3 kids and Scott didn’t change during those times so hopefully maybe now he’s changed but It seems like they get along best just co parenting

  2. YouTube is legit how I get any sort of news nowadays with quarantine and all (like really late most of the time) BUT SCOTT AND SOFIA!!? WHY?!?! WHY THO??! LIKE OMG, I didn't ship it at first bc I didn't like Sofia's vibe for some reason and the age gap bothered me and I don't even watch KUWTK or anything but like, I was wrong and Sofia is so awesome?!??! And Scott? LORD DISICK?!?!? Damn, they stuck out with him checking into rehab too, I really thought :(((

  3. Stop saying Kourt and Scott should get back together. It took Kourtney years to move on/ get out of the toxic relationship with him, if you have a little empathy you don't wish for her or their kids to go through that again.

  4. The issue I’ve found with age gap dating is that very often the older man is really just a child in an adult body who thinks a younger woman will put up with him and make him feel young… Meanwhile the younger woman is looking for more maturity by dating older. So it just crumbles after awhile.

  5. Good for Sofia!! Even though her and Scott looked happy together for a while, there was just so much baggage there. Scott needs to navigate this difficult time by himself.

  6. It’s to many broken homes already, Scott should be with kourt and the kids. Sophia is young and beautiful and she will find love again with a man with less baggage hopefully.

  7. Kourtney didn't make it easy for Sophia? Aww poor lil girl. To have her relationship with a man Kourt has three children with? Kick rocks. That's on Scott. Not Kourtney. Also Sophia knew exactly what she was stepping into with her relationship with Scott. Goodbye.

  8. Scott and Kourtney deserve each other. When Sophia finds someone else ( and she will ) Scott needs to turn around , leave her alone and continue to play house with Kourtney. Sophia it's all good , you've dogged a bullet as well as you can do a hella'va alot better , you've lost nothing baby girl. …


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