Ribery fined over Salt Bae steak rant – BBC News


German football club Bayern Munich has fined its midfielder Franck Ribery after he posted a series of angry and profanity-laden tweets. The French player was …



  1. I don't know why people are angry about this piece of news. It's just a literal fact being presented. BBC wasn't the one who fined him. It was the football club.
    And yes, this is news because it's relevant to people who follow sports teams and their players. If you want only political news, there are channels that curate content specifically up your alley.

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  4. People Can't bear to Watch him Spend Money…..
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  5. Nice…So why arent you telling us the truth of whats happening in France? How about that for your next report? The MSM is trying to play down this ongoing and continually rising revolt. Many are saying less than 20k involved across France…Yet independent analysis from those on the ground across France have given a figure of 300k!!! And rising! Wtf is going on? You really need to report the truth or shut down the internet…Because you cant hide and/or lie about this anymore.


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