Rep. Devin Nunes threatens to sue CNN, The Daily Beast


Rep. Lee Zeldin, House Foreign Affairs Committee, discusses the allegations by CNN and The Daily Beast that Rep. Devin Nunes worked with Ukraine to dig up …



  1. The FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection stops "unfair", "deceptive" and "fraudulent" business practices by collecting complaints and conducting investigations, suing companies and people that break the law, as well as developing rules to maintain a fair marketplace. When a consumer falls victim to fraud by purchasing a product or service that does not measure up to the seller's promises, the consumer may suffer a loss. A class-action lawsuit tips the balance of power in favor of the consumer. However, so far no one has tried to make a class-action lawsuit against the MSM because it hides behind the First Amendment — freedom of speech! But "freedom of speech" does not mean that the media is allowed to intentional lie about its products and make deceptive news! It's about time that the MSM is legally challenged and billions of dollars lawsuits should be filed! Republicans need to find their backbone and organize a class-action lawsuit against the MSM for lying about Trump and making fraudulent news!

  2. Mr Nunes appears to be out of his depth, not adequately dealing with witnesses, grandstanding about issues irrelevant to the proceedings, and making statements that only a fool [or Trump] would make. I like how Adam Schiff just ignores him, like he is not remotely worth the effort responding, as everybody can see what a fool Nunes is. Nunes made a mistake with his career choice and should go back to his Portuguese family and remain in his previous job as a dairy farmer.

  3. It must take 3 medical teams working in shift to remove the smile on Putin’s face. He is so winning this war and you guys don’t even seem to understand you’re at war. Your democracy are at risk here something your ancestors fought with their lives to attain. You need to follow the facts and not these ridiculous conspiracy theories Putin is feeding you with. You must push back in every way you can the growing propaganda machinery working for evil forces. You need to hold people in power accountable for any wrong doings regardless of political color and you must make sure that the process for doing so is fair! You must start to respect each other again because if you don’t you will soon be the Divided States of America!

  4. It must hurt their little trumptard hearts to see all the corruption and lies was coming from the Repugnicans. Don't believe it? just wait and see. There's going to be a lot MORE dump cultists going to prison


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