Real Valladolid vs Barcelona [0-1], La Liga, 2020 – MATCH REVIEW


Arturo Vidal scored the winning goal, as Barça just about saw off Valladolid on Saturday afternoon – courtesy of Lionel Messi’s 20th league assist of the season …



  1. Semedo and Sergi Roberto played good game. Setien is a high quality coach. Villareal game was a tactical masterpiece. Pique can now play in low block teams(he made great interceptions in the box) like Atletico Madrid, but he is not good enough for Barca's high defensive line. He is too slow nowadays. Barca need to bring a player like Lacazette (Suarez doesn't have agility anymore).

  2. Griezmann is not a Clinical Striker and we can clearly see he cannot thrive as one. Basic Forward movements, attacking positions, player awareness, he just does not have it. He can play with support but should never play as a Forward.

  3. We have consistently played poorly in 2nd half. This team just doesn't have a 2nd gear. The only outfield players who maybe has the energy to go full tilt is puig and fdj and that's not going to cut it, so the 3 week period between the end of la Liga n champions league is not going change much of the fitness levels.

  4. Tbh not what i expected from barca the 2nd half but do you expect when we have a team like the one we do rn. These guys are a lot older and need more rest. Not enough young talent to keep the energy and intensity during the full game. Especially when games are getting played back to back like they are now. Tbh i think we are too used to how we want football played, I think the lads did well holding on to the lead and most importantly taking the 3 points! That's honestly all that matters if we want to keep the pressure on Madrid.

  5. I mean two remaining games, with absolutely 0 chances of the league practically, we need to prepare a solid formation and squad for the Champions League. It might as well be a trophy-less season but we need to go down with a fight!

  6. this was the worse game
    my dad is not a fan but
    he supported cause he knew
    we were the best now he
    supports psg.Anyway they
    were so tired and he should have
    played braitwaite

  7. The first half was exciting to watch the likes of Puig, Roberto and Semedo really put in an exciting performance as well as Busquets. The second half was lackluster Messi wasn’t his usual self and especially Suarez his decline is so obvious. I love Suarez for what he’s done for the club but everytime he touches the ball it makes me wanna rip my hair off. Griezmann really needs to step up and takeover from Suarez because I know he has it in him.

  8. It just makes me remember emery in arsenal.A coach that changes formation alot is an indication they have not master a system yet ,such coach can't be a Barcelona coach

  9. And speaking of #UCL, knowing we'd face Lewy's Bayern Munich (eventually after knocking out Naples) in the quarter finals on a one legged match, This team should better regain form and offensive mentality… Cuz' Bayern this season was and is really a creepy team to play!


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