Queasy journalist takes last Tornado flight – BBC News


The BBC’s Defence correspondent Jonathan Beale was lucky enough to get a ride in one of the Tornado’s last official flights. The RAF fighter jet will retire from …



  1. The Tornado, The Mirage, and the Eagle… before that, the Tomcat and the Falcon. We should not give up on these mounts so easily just quite yet. Modifications and improvements and a little guile

  2. I wish the cold war would return. Then we’d get control of immigration and borders and create jobs. A bit of national pride would not go amiss in the Uk and Globalisation is completely fuckin shit as far as I can see. Was waiting to take off in a Chipmunk when one of these did a practice bounce at RAF Leeming in 1988, full afterburners looked and sounded awesome

  3. Why would the BBC use a reporter that they knew couldn't deliver the report properly? Part of me feels the BBC did this on purpose because they knew many GB patriots would be watching this and the BBC don't like GB patriots …. wait and see what fuss they will make about the Euro-fighter retiring ! – They love EU stuff ….


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