President Biden holds his second full Cabinet meeting | USA TODAY


US President Joe Biden holds his second full Cabinet meeting. RELATED: Amidst continuing Covid-19 concerns and infrastructure …



  1. I watched the whole thing. None of these comments make sense any sense. He did fine and talked about serious stuff and he’s not doing anything like these comments are suggesting. Joe Biden is doing a really good job. GET OVER IT.

  2. What a pathetic joke. He's a mess and his comrades just keep parading him out there while he doesn't have a clue where he is or who he is…meanwhile the rest of the entire world is laughing at us and China and Russia are taking this huge opportunity to destroy us! It gets worse daily. Don't believe we're gonna recover from this one…

  3. Joe Hitler Biden no creas las mentiras que hablo… cree lo torcido que me ves hacer. Maestros de marionetas y mi demencia son tus maestros. "Dictador Demencia" JoeMala


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