President Biden delivers remarks on Memorial Day | USA TODAY


Memorial Day, celebrated the last Monday of the month of May, commemorates the lives of military personnel who have died while in service. Biden, whose son …



  1. This Memorial Day, remember how high school athlete and life guard Joe Biden claimed he had asthma to dodge the draft. Joe Biden got five draft deferments during the Vietnam War. He avoided the service to our county that we honor during Memorial Day.

  2. You should erect Repent Hall in US for the millions of live killed in ME. A once rich tribal society been turned to a slave trad country and the Vietnamese are still suffer from the after effects of agent Orange. All because of YOU! I wonder what Biden, your accomplice, Nancy and past Presidents will say to Almighty during Judgement day,…

    Where would I be without you dad
    My hero of night and day?
    I'm so glad you love my mother
    And think of us when you pray.

    The last time we had Christmas
    You reached for me with your hand.
    I looked at you, then made a wish
    That I might be just half the man.

    I love my father of Earth,
    And I love my Father of Heaven.
    It's a lot for me to love, you know
    For I’m only eleven.

    Mom and I sure miss you
    Since you left to defend our flag.
    When others ask, where’s your dad
    I can't help but share, cry and brag.

    Every child of God arrived to do good
    Every child of God must serve what they should.
    Every child of God shall always feel love
    Every child of God and Heaven above!

    By Tom Zart
    Google = Most Published Poet
    Tom’s 1,650 Poems Are Free To Share!
    Google = George Bush Tom Zart

  4. In Ancient times the (A- saxons) people were considered inferior barbarians by the tanned Mediterranean type: the Romans and Arabian people who gave them everything to the nordic- European people: Algebra, trigonometry,arts,medicine Alphabet, astronomy etc etc !

  5. A President's first Memorial Day speech, is suppose to be memorable. We forgot everything he said. The speech was as horrible as war itself. He should of simply put a radio, on the podium & replayed one of President Trump's or Reagan's Memorial Day speeches. Does Beijing Biden, know what country he is in?

  6. Where are all his 80+ million supporters? Them Democrats are such liars I know it on my veins. This man couldn’t muster up 10 million in two previous runs. Are you all going to defend his idiocy now?

  7. It was wrong of Trump to negotiate with terrorists.
    ….and it is wrong of Biden to withdraw.

    There is nothing more disrespectful or demoralizing than having politicians listen to civilians saying, "But [US] home"….. while ignoring the geopolitical realities.

  8. Hypocresy at its maximum. Biden hates America and so do his marxist comrades. Fallen soldiers mean nothing to them, nor does the flag or constitution or patriots.

  9. Remember what you said WeThe People are the Goverment,that's how you think,any 7 year old girls that look 19 to you out there,Putin is going to eat your lunch,your a disgrace!

  10. When does Germany apologize for the genocide of the GDR citizens?

    The Nazi doctor Rudolf Lemke (1906-1957, member of the NSDAP, active during the Nazi era at the hereditary health court, from 1931 at the psychiatric and mental hospital of the University of Jena) was born on December 1, 1949, just three months after the founding of the GDR, appointed professor with a chair at the University of Jena. He worked as a senior physician and adjunct professor in the psychiatry and mental hospital of the medical faculty. He was appointed director of the clinic on January 25, 1950. Jena was one of the centers of National Socialist "racial hygiene". He represented Himmler's thesis on the "final solution to the homosexual question": hormone therapy for the conversion of homosexual men. A complaint from the General Prosecutor's Office in 1948 for combating homosexuality and making anti-Semitic statements was not prosecuted. Instead, he made a career in the GDR. The book describes in detail how homosexual baiting was used as a means of politics (e.g. M. Fechner, E. Stapel) on behalf of all the people named and unnamed in the book. "The Cold War offered the perpetrator society ideal conditions for a top-secret science on behalf of the secret services. In the struggle for world domination, moral scruples are disturbing." Sexual policy in the GDR included a new form of the intermediate level theory of extermination due to which doctors (see above) received the national prize for research. The DGSS classified this research: It is playing quite openly with the possibility of an endocrinological euthanasia of homosexuality.

    Genocide definition: “A coordinated plan of various actions aimed at destroying the essential foundations of the life of a population group with the aim of destroying the group. […] Genocide has two phases: a first in which the typical characteristics and ways of life of the oppressed group are destroyed, and a second in which the characteristics and way of life of the oppressive population group are imposed on the oppressed. This enforcement, in turn, can be done by allowing the oppressed population group to remain, or it can even be enforced on the area alone by eliminating the population and colonizing this area by the oppressing population group. " – Raphael Lemkin (1944)

  11. Watch the very last 20 seconds of this clip again. Biden doesn't pray. He won't even fake it like his lackeys around him.. Do you think Americans feel like sacrificing their lives for a godless regime that couldn't give a crap about them and tweet "enjoy your long weekend" instead of honoring our service men that gave their lives fighting their wars? I guess Biden and Harris forgot that it wasn't the green haired, rivet faced, limp wristed non binaries that gave their lives for this country.


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