Premier League 2021-22 season predictions after the summer transfer deadline | NBC Sports


The 2 Robbies and Tim Howard make their renewed predictions for the 2021-22 Premier League season after the summer transfer deadline. #NBCSports …



  1. Southampton aren't gonna get relegated lol and neither is Watford, Watford got off to a good start and have a very good coach….And Southampton's got one of the best manager in the league, Raph Hassenphult is literally better than OGS and he's modified the team in the way that he plays, it hasn't clicked doesnt mean it won't click, sorry if I mess up the name btw

  2. History has indicated in the Premier League era that only 1 team that won the league after an opening day loss and that is Manchester United. Chelsea should definitely be clear favorites with the Lukaku signing.Chelsea has the strongest starting 11 in the league. Tuchel hasn’t lost against Pep as Chelsea manager.

  3. Robbie Earle, Chelsea beat Manchester City 3 times in 6 weeks last season. FA CUP Semi final, a League Game, & the all important UCL Final. Whoop. Chelsea will win not just the league but b2b UCL Cups too..

  4. Big fan of PL but nowhere near as competitive as many leagues. All pundits going straight to exactly the.same teams for top 4. These were the top 4 last season and the season before. Hard to imagine that in, say, the US National Football League!

  5. No ManU for title?! The Elf will be done, if no title after spending fortune (net!); having absolutely massive salary bill; having new Mbappe (aka Greenwood); and having best diver and refs in the game.

  6. I’m not an Arsenal fan but I believe they will pick up. It’s just Crazzyyyyyy to even think Arsenal has now been leveled and considered one of the Teams that will be Relegated by people.. I can’t even process the relegation thought to such a Champions Club per History. What a Disregard! How did Arsenal get here?


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