Pompeo makes unprecedented visit to Israeli settlement in West Bank – BBC News


Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is touring a Jewish settlement in the Israeli-occupied West Bank, marking the first such visit by a top US official. The trip to …



  1. Where is the life of human rights! ! ? ? The US military dropped 2 GBU-28s and successfully hit an air-raid shelter in Iraq. After the first ground-penetrating bomb fell, it blasted a gap in the air-raid shelter, while the second ground-penetrating bomb went directly into the air-raid shelter. The explosion sounded, and none of the 1,100 people in the cave were spared. All were burned to death. The high temperature almost melted those stumps and broken arms, and the cave was scorched and horrible.

  2. How about the U.S, Trump, brokered an eastern peace treaty.. That includes Israel as a primary signatory, along with the U.A.E.

    Again, you've no context.. you're again trying to paint this in a dark light.
    You're making false statements. Being deliberately misleading.
    And of course you've lefty out the fact Palestinian is essentially a rogue state, openly condoning harbouring and training international terrorism.

  3. Why isn't the BBC reporting the threats of violence made by the left to US election staff, who cannot certify an obviously fraudulent election? Thugs outside officials houses with weapons threatening their children unless they ratify the fraudulent Biden. The BBC and it's left wing agenda at play again. #defundthebbc. STOP PAYING YOUR TV LICENCE AND STOP FUNDING FAKE NEWS ✌️

  4. I’m sure Pompeo’s trip to Israel was not unprecedented but planned. Many people have visited Israel before. Everything is “unprecedented” now. Using exaggeration is only way the BBC has of drawing an audience.

  5. Asia (include India,China, Japan, Korea)& middle East must be extinct.and be made halipad for starship.environment of United Nations must change to punish such e-signal terrorist countries.2020a.d.onwsrds


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