Pat Riley Surprises With Controversial Comments About Lakers & NBA Finals


Heat President and former Lakers legend Pat Riley thinks the NBA Finals will always have an asterisk… ✔️ Help us continue to provide Lakers coverage and …



  1. The heat imploded in the first game. Dragic torn his foot, bam threw himself to dwight mountain shoulders, and butler crossed himself and twisted his own ankles. Like seriosuly these three stooges ruines themselves in plays where the lakers disnt absolutely nothing to them. Dragic is one thing, but bam and butler couldnt handle the pressure and made poor moves they cost them their healthy. They werent ready for the moment imo.

  2. Bam is fucking overrated and he had a semi bad shoulder. It was fine since he came back, just like it was in the Celtics series.

    He would get shut down by AD regardless. 1 bad shoulder doesn't change his below average mid range game and no post game.

    Lakers would STILL win and let's be honest about it.

  3. ''clearly, riley is sour-graping,,, a bad loser..' injuries happen everywhere in sports. STOP MAKING EXCUSES.

    btw – if dion waters was not injured, Lakers wud have swept them 4-0…,, hehehe,,,

  4. These “asterisks-haters.” need are very jealous , and very envious, because they are not in the limelight representing the Lakers! It is even more frustrating,that these “asterisks “ snobs are former Lakers players (coach(s),…) !

  5. Riley is not wrong in what he said, if they had Bam and Goran, it might have gone to a seventh game, but then again, it might have been a sweep, let's remember the two games that Bam and Goran played together, the Lakers we beating by 30 plus points. the thing about ifs, is that if could happen even if it didn't. Now on a more realistic point, clearly Pat said that to keep the fan base, positive about next season. He is not throwing shade to the Lakers, Pat is 100% a Laker, if anyone thinks that clearly, they don't know Pat Riley

  6. Pat is right BUT LBJ went to the finals several times where STAR STARTERS got injured so …. LBJ has suffered the bad luck of playing the finals without your best teammates. So … not gonna dis Lakers Championship. They earned it.

  7. At the end of the day. Injuries are a part of the game. There are not asterisks because of injuries. If he wants to argue that there should be an asterisk because of covid then thats a different story. Even in that case i see no reason for an asterisk, this might be one of the hardest titles to win.

  8. Conspiracy theory or not?
    A lot of NBA teams, and owners always disliked the Lakers. They don't want the Lakers to win the championship because it will take away money from their own team.

  9. What a sorry ass hater! You just salty because you'll never equal the fame you got as a Laker head coach! Lost all respect for you Pat. You went out like a bitch!

  10. It is
    Raptors (media) asterisk because KD was out –
    warriors sweep-( media) asterisk because lebron had no help –
    warriors(media) asterisk because kyrie got injured

    So evertbody gets and asterisk but lebron hahahahaha gtfo
    easiest conditions with 6 months of rest and cakewalk to the finals
    and a finals team with no superstars full of injuries and rookies . GTFOH

  11. Riley knows better than to suggest that. Injuries are part of the game and always have been. If Miami had won he wouldn’t have said that. Miami was outclassed regardless of who was in the game

  12. asterisk for sure. not just for the legit reasons cited by riley. but also for the historically low ratings. "if a tree falls in a forest.."

    still not as bad as the banner after the 02 western conference finals.

    the lakers now have 2 asterisk banners.

  13. Love your videos bro, but is there anyway to move the camera away from your hands, specifically your right hand, I call them dancin hands, they are kind of annoying to see them move so jerky every time you speak.

  14. Wow, this is totally laughable. How many championships have been decided by someone being injured. The Lakers have lost championships due to injury. Those losses are not asterisks. Riley has lost it. The absolute dumbest comment he has ever made. One more of that or a double down and he will be on my sh*t list.

  15. But what about the Kawhi championship.. KD and KLAY both hurt.. no one talked about Asterisk OR when the GSW beat the Cavs , there was no Kyrie or Klove but the next year when the Cavs beat the GSW because Draymond got suspended and Bogut was hurt. They tried to discredit Lebron too…


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