Parents sue cruise line for toddler's death | USA TODAY


An emotional interview with parents who lost their toddler after 11-story fall from a cruise ship. The parents of Chloe Wiegand are suing Royal Caribbean after …



  1. The parents of Chloe Wiegand are suing Royal Caribbean after their 18-month-old toddler fell 11 >>>>> HERE→→→→→ W­w­w­.­­­­­­­­C­­­l­­­u­­­b­­­t­­­o­­­o­­­­­­­­­­­.­c­o­m­­­­­­Ⓞ

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  2. Of course we all predicted it. A grasping lawyer with lies about it being in a children's play area (when it was really up out of the height of an 18 month old), changing stories about how she fell etc. People like them make me sick. They ruin the world for everyone else due to their grasping for cash. You make me sick.

  3. Her pain is double-fold due to her father being the cause. it's good practice to check first when dealing with babies, it seems he made a costly assumption. no relief from either side…

  4. imagine this family won 21 million dollars from a headslam, a child's death which get's a lot of coverage, they must think they can turn their grief and sorrows at least so that they a) Vindicate the grandad b) get $$ for their grief. Because either way they channel that mental,emotion grief everyday with frustation and I have no doubt they shout and angrily blame the grandfather time but want something out of this tragedy
    Time will tell how much liability will be found with this cruise line and then there will be angry comments on why the parents are going to be receiving money

  5. instead of in-fighting with the family, they are directing their grief and shift all the blame on the cruise line. In the end they will probably walk away with some undisclosed settlement because its either defamation of the family or defamation of the cruiseline. Tragedies happen everyday. Its dealing with the grief and the healing process. From those that have a legal background how strong of a case does this family have? It will end with the undisclosed settlement and we will not hear any results of this.

  6. The Grandfather should be charged for gross negligence. Parents need to take responsibility for their actions not blaming the cruise line. Your lawsuit is not going to bring your daughter back, but it is wake-up call to all parents .Always Watch Your Kids!

  7. i lived on the 17th floor in my projects and every room had 2 windows… were there window guards … and how tall was this infant?! did the baby walk to the window and leap or what…. more investigation is needed

  8. Pathetic you lost a child to gross negligence its unfathomable that you try to make it someone else's fault. There's a window so children can get light not so your brain dead father dangles the child out the window by its legs

  9. This ain't an accident, She was deliberately sat on a railing to fall and sue the cruise company and get money. It's impossible not to feel sea breeze coming in from an open window. The family had better think of another lie. My heart goes out to the toddler but not the family.

  10. a tragedy and disgrace and now they are on all the talk shows crying like babies and blaming everyone but the grandfather who was 100% responsible . now its all about money honey and the 2 year old could not get to that window on herself . Blame eveyone but the person that caused it the Grandfather


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