O2 Inside Line: The Next Level | Coming back stronger | Season 3, Episode 3


The squad move on to round two of the Guinness Six Nations to face Italy at home, Eddie reflects on the squad’s development and we take you behind the …



  1. As an England supporter I thought Italy played well and deserved more from the game. I was secretly hoping for a huge blunder from England to loose to Italy to force Eddie to rethink his whole selection. It seems he’s more focused on winning the Six Nations rather than developing the squad.

  2. I love our team but I’m starting to get fed up with Eddie. It’s so obvious he has his favourites, and no matter what he does Sam Simmonds ain’t getting into that team. Eddie’s picked a young boy who doesn’t even know he’s alive yet when he’s missing Simmonds who’s lighting up the premiership as top try scorer. It’s a perfect example of elitism- it’s not what you can do it’s who fancies you

  3. Hoping we have a similar situation with the 2017 tour to Argentina where we took a lot of uncapped guys who got a chance to play while the more established guys were on the Lions tour

  4. I feel like Genge should play 8 over prop, he's a great player but I think that he's more explosive and can give England some momentum going forward then to be replacement, we should have Beno, I feel like he has talent but needs the international play time to showcase his max potential

  5. This is epic. What's better than epic?! 🙂 So much love for this, thank you! Such a great example to remember the recent tours and players over the last few years that has lead us to todays team (eg underhill & curry). Millions are missing out on this channel. Hope the FA are watching! Kids should watch this together in schools.


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