Nikola CEO on taking on Tesla [Extended Interview]


Trevor Milton, CEO of Nikola, is confident that his hydrogren-powered automotive startup will become one of the most valuable brands in the world. Milton tells …



  1. Hydrogen is never going to be as popular electric. I can get electricity free from the sun and i can do it at home. Only a few people will be able to work on Hydrogen vehicles. Not to mention hydrogen in a vehicle is to expensive. Making sure if your in a accident your vehicle will not explode. Cant wait to see nikola doing crash test.

  2. Nothing but pictures of the Badger. Nada.

    It is incredibly hard to design and build an onroad motor vehicle. Milton stated they will build with a partner. Why would a company partner with them unless they have already done some of the heavy lifting? Gonna take maybe a billion dollars to bring to market, and several years.

    Does Milton think he can just put an ad on Craigslist looking for an OEM partner?

  3. If you read their filing to the SEC June 15th They have no partner to Build the Badger. This is Theranos 2.0! Also Trevor Milton is not the CEO anymore. He is Executive Chairman . Shows how serious he is about the company.

  4. Hydrogen is a dead or dying technology.

    They use Electricity to make hydrogen from water than use hydrogen to make Electricity at a great loss to run an electric motor.
    So the efficiency and cost will never come close to directly using Electricity.

    Electricity is available anywhere the grid goes. Hydrogen needs gas stations and trucking it around. Hydrogen gas station are more costly than normal gasoline stations due to safety issues and sheer pressure of hydrogen tanks.

    Hydrogen needs a combustion engine (to burn the hydrogen and make Electricity) AND an electric motor to run the vehicle.

    So fuel costs battery wins.
    Logistics cost battery wins.
    Mantainance cost battery wins.
    Production cost battery wins too.

    The only scenario where hydrogen wins is over very long routes where the recharging time is a problem (assuming the presence of hydrogen fuel stations).

    Battery is also improving constantly while hydrogen has limited improvement margin.

    The business model does work for the business but not for the users.

  5. I have a question to the viewers of CNN. I'm putting this on every CNN site that I can find. CNN was a news organization. Under Ted Turner it was the gold standard all over the world for national and international news respected the world over. I would like to ask you this. After watching todays CNN do you fell better towards you fellow Americas or do you fell division and hatred. After watching todays CNN do you feel that you have learned something important and relevant to your life or do you feel that you have listen to a millionaire ($30,000 dollar a day) elitist fill the airwaves with his or her betters agenda. Are these lie trusted journalists that you remember from years ago or are they giggling, cursing, crying, screaming, alcoholic closeted racists, and anti-American Marxists Do you want to invite into your home every night? Do you feel enlightened after watching CNN or angry and bitter and you don't even know why? You, as Americans, at least as of today, have the right to watch what ever you want. If you feel that CNN is a positive influence in your life, stay with it. If you feel it is a spokesman for Antifa and all that is evil in the USA today all you have to do is turn it off. No need to hurt anyone, curse anyone, destroy anything just non violently turn it off. I believe that CNN is on well its way to self destruction. You can see it in their years of ratings drops. Maybe you feel different. I see that the once noble CNN under Ted Turner has become the "National Enquirer" but an evil "National Enquirer". Am I wrong?

  6. “We’re an energy company” Where are the stations? “We’re a vehicle company” Where outside of renderings? They are really a business model vs an actual company yet. Hope they succeed but seems very vaporware ish to me

  7. They have over $20 billion on hand and nothing to show for it. Im hearing the bernie maddof song playing. Buyer beware. This clown is trying get his Fugazi company bought. He has no intention in making these vehicles. Hes spending huge amounts of money buying himself all kinds of toys and a mansion. Actual entrepenueners dont do that. Their focus is on their company, not filling their bank account, at the companies expense. If a big company buys him out, they will have bought a phantom company. He will be laughing all the way to the bank, suckers.

  8. What trevor is forgetting to mention is.
    Tesla's 100 dollar deposit also has additional 7,000 dollar option people are putting down. We don't know what that number is. Maybe Elon should share that with the public.
    He is also down playing the percentage of serious commitments for Cyber truck.
    Instead of 20%. The figure should be more like 40-50%.
    We'll see in November.


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