NEWS: Testing, Coronavirus, Ferrari & More


Our latest Formula 1 2020 news updates as part of our rolling coverage. – Pre-season Testing Complete – More Coronavirus Effects – Ferrari Says 2019 Engine …



  1. Glad the man with voice is back! i have to say i am always optimistic during testing but once the season starts after 1 or 2 races you realise same old bs! i hope i am wrong maybe we will see some change in 2021 when the new regs kick in? anyway hope springs eternal!

  2. Update for the Melbourne F1 opener.
    The Australian government has issued an exemption for the Ferrari team to travel but the ban for other travelers from the Northern parts of Italy is in place. The Ferrari team will be tested prior to boarding coming here (due tomorrow), tested again when they are in arrivals and spot tested during the week. If health authorities discover a team member of any team that is contagious, that whole team will be placed in immediate enforced quarantine for between 14 and 21 days.
    This has caused alarm amongst the F1 contingent but opposition to it has been met with a brick wall. The relevant health jurisdiction is the Victorian State Government and they have simply said the GP would not go ahead if it were not for the $60m they kick in to stage it. They also say that the State Chief Medical Officer can issie enforcement orders without reference to any politicians. So lets see what happens.

  3. Glad to have the old narrator back at the helm of the Inside Line. The other guy wasn't bad but hearing the original voice of The Inside Line just has a little more polish to the segment if you know what I mean. =)


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