New Year’s Eve Celebrations From Times Square In NYC | NBC News


Watch live coverage from NBC News Now of New Year’s Eve celebrations in New York City. Crowds will not be permitted in Times Square but a scaled down …



  1. What has happened to my hometown makes me sick to my stomach and I hear the bossio and Cuomo had a good time at the ball well everybody else had to stay far away I'm still checking into that to see if it's true but nevertheless the things these two guys have done to New York City in New York state I don't want to say how I feel but I'll tell you one thing like Trey gowdy has said tomorrow will come and you two guys will pay for your sense. I don't like it when people hurt other people and you two guys have hurt other people badly. I heard they got into Nancy pelosi's house. Tomorrow will come! That's right I shouldn't I'm just like Chris Rock! PS correction. That's right I said it!

  2. How do you explain that some Republicans keep talking ad nauseam about election fraud but rarely mention the mere facts that 59 out of 60 times the courts (mostly Republican judges) have rejected their cases? It's unfathomable to think that all the 59 judges including the Supreme Court justices are part of a broader Conspiracy to steal away the presidency from Trump, isn't? But, dad, it's not complicated, my 12 year old son told me. It's simple math. Trump have lost in courts 59 times. Dad, it's a lot!

  3. And this is to the people who ruined 2020 and made our lives shattered without any reason…

    "You will never understand the damage you did to someone until the same thing is done to you. That is why I am here" -Karma

    "People who create their own drama deserve their own karma."

    "What goes around comes around."

    Karma has no menu. You get served what you deserve."

    No need for revenge. People who destroy you are eventually screwing up themselves. If you are lucky, god will let you watch."

  4. Having the Kia commercial in the back the whole time really took the spirit out of the count down and the celebration.
    I wish it would have just been a festive background, not aimed to promote one company company on America's central stage. Disappointing…

  5. The New York Fireworks display SUCKED since they scaled their show WAY BACK due to COVID!!! The Berlin Fireworks were much better even though that show looked liked a bunch of Neighbors across town had their own Firework shows with one area that may be a public display, but the majority of the Berlin shows what looks like Private Parties shooting off their own Fireworks and it looks like they spent a decent amount of $$$, from my own buying experience when having my own Private Shows.
    The Firework Display in Sydney Australia was the best shown here, IMHO. Wish they would have shown the entire Display in full at the starting of the video instead breaking up the Sydney video into 2 parts, with the beginning shown at the start of this video and then showing the end of the Sydney show at the end of this video!
    I usually spend around $3,000 USD and that's using the Phantom Fireworks "Buy 1 (at the normal Price) get 2 for free" sale, so I end up with over $9,000 USD worth of Fireworks if I had paid the regular full prices!! With all those Mortars and Multi-Shot Cakes, it's a good thing I have a Cobra Remote Ignition set-up, so I can pre E-Fuse everything (up to 72 different firework ignitor combinations, depending on the type of E-Fuse I'm using) and then sit back and hit the Ignitor Buttons on the Remote Control as needed. SWEET!!! Can't wait for the 4th of July in 2021(this year) since the COVID Pandemic stopped any thoughts of having a large gathering of people partying and lighting fireworks off in Celebration of the New Years Eve of 2021. 🙁 I guess the Silver Lining in this is that I'll have more $$$ to spend on the Fireworks for the 4th of July 2021!! Woo Hoo!!! May 2021 be a MUCH BETTER YEAR for everyone across the World!! Cheers from Colorado, USA.. 😉

  6. [Jan 2] \\ Wikipedia: "where two returns (Electorals from any State) claiming the safe harbor are received, AND "[i]f the Houses cannot agree … no vote from the state in question is counted. This result follows regardless of the governor's action."[21]:343. In 2001, a Congressional Research Service report authored by Jack Maskell "embraced Wroth's view of the statute, citing and quoting Wroth's article extensively."[48][47]:357. Maskell's CRS report also added more arguments based on the legislative history of the Electoral Count Act.[48][47]:357." /

  7. a neat geico advertisement would be the gecko talks about fireworks on new years eve and he looks there in the sky and says you can save 15% on car insurance – the sky lit up with that message

  8. Happy New Year especially to all the underdogs out there. Those who feel left alone amid all the clamor. Those whose rooms are empty, and are far from the sound and fury outside. Those who are forsaken, omitted, and unloved. Let these mechanical fingers reach you. Not everyone is what they seem. There are millions like you. You are the best guys.

  9. The fireworks at the Sky Tower in Auckland and the fireworks in Wellington have all been the same boring show for over 10 years, nothing different, nothing on the water or anything when Auckland has an amazing waterfront and the Harbour Bridge between Auckland and Takapuna so nothing has changed or different from years before unlike Sydney who brought her A Game again for another year despite everything but well done to those cities that were televised with their fireworks. Brisbane also brings her A Game over the years by using the whole of Brisbane River and The Story Bridge, Goodwill Bridge and the Walter Taylor Bridge plus all the barges on the river light up. Love the old fashioned 1940's song, Auld Lang Syne was amazing. Beautiful.

  10. Kia ruined this for our family. They think their greed is more important than celebrating an American tradition that we have loved every year – until now. Their advertising was obviously much brighter than the countdown clock or the ball. Last night we decided – WE WILL NEVER BUY A KIA.


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