NBA Rumors: Kristaps Porzingis Trade Buzz, Derrick Rose To Lakers? Kyle Kuzma Gone? Kelly Oubre News


NBA offseason news and rumors are red hot with the NBA playoffs underway and NBA Free Agency and the 2021 NBA Draft in the distant future. Today’s NBA …



  1. Now all of a sudden this dude bashing off the KP wagon but was the main guy bragging n jumped on the KP wagon Feb 1st 2019 n players sees how fans so fast to turn of them so nobody wants to go to teams like dallas n utah smh .

  2. I think the real problem is these high usage players, mainly hybrid forwards. I.e. Lebron and Luka. They dominate the ball and force bigs to play on the perimeter to keep the driving lanes open. Porzingis is experiencing the same issues Chris Bosh, Kevin love, and to a lesser extent Anthony Davis went through. All 3 Being former all NBA players forced to act as floor spacers at times and move away from their strengths.


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