NBA Rumors: Dwight Howard To Warriors, Kyle Kuzma, Joel Embiid Trade Rumors + Clippers, Rockets News


Today’s NBA rumors include trade rumors on a potential Kyle Kuzma trade from the Los Angeles Laker. Could the Philadelphia 76ers trade Joel Embiid to the …



  1. Probably Rob Pelinka starting this rumor that multiple teams are lining up to acquire Kyle Kuzma in a trade lol. Trying to drive up interest, I can't see teams giving up a lot for him by himself. I actually think Danny Green's expiring contract is more attractive since the cap may be decreased.

  2. Danny Green aka Dead shot bka Shot dead is THE most overrated player in the NBA
    Kuz played a significantly smaller role this year after starting since his rookie year, so it doesn't seem he declined he needs more clock somewhere to develop more.

  3. Mike d'antoni in Oklahoma with sam presti
    And all those draft picks from the clips and rockets…you trade Adam's and Paul get more assets…total rebuild all small ball team with stretch 4's and 5's that can run and shoot …future dynasty


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