Nagorno-Karabakh: Civilians and churches under fire – BBC News


Half the population of the disputed territory of Nagorno-Karabakh have been displaced by fighting. On both sides of the conflict, Armenian and Azeri civilians …



  1. The whole world knows that Nagorno-Karabakh  has never been part of independent Azerbaijan. In 1921, Stalin decided to "annex", and I would say to GIFT Nagorno-Karabakh to Azerbaijan, and after the collapse of the USSR Artsakh did not want to remain in its composition. Artsakh gained its independence together with other countries of the former USSR.

    All over the territory of Artsakh there are temples and churches of the 4-19 centuries, this testifies to the fact that ethnic Armenians lived, live and will live there for centuries! #recognizeArtsakh #notbelieveazerbaijan

  2. Armenia has been occupying Azerbaijani lands for 30 years, why is the world community silent on it? Armenia is a chauvinist nationalist, they are liars, they are flatterers.
    After the occupation of Armenia, not a single Azerbaijani, Jew, Russian or Georgian lives. This clearly shows that Armenia is a terrorist fascist state.
    30 ildir ermənistan Azərbaycan torpaqlarını işğal edibdir dünya birliyi niyə buna susur Ermənistan şovinist milliyetçi MİLLETDİR yalancidirlar yaltaqdirlar yaxşı aktyorluğu bacarırlar
    Ermənistanin işğalından sonra 1 dənə nə Azərbaycanli nə Yevrey nə Rus nə Gurcu yaşayır bu açıq aydın göstərir ki Ermənistan terrorçu faşist dövlətidir bu faktdir
    Армения оккупировала азербайджанские земли 30 лет. Почему молчит мировое сообщество? Армения – шовинист-националист. Они лжецы. Они льстец. Они хорошие актеры.
    После оккупации Армении не осталось ни одного азербайджанца, еврея, русского или грузина, что наглядно показывает, что Армения является террористическим фашистским государством.

  3. It’s all about natural resources nothing to do with religion azarbhaijan ally Israel a Jew country armenia ally iran a Muslim country it’s clear that everyone is fighting for there own interests

  4. To people who are new to this conflict

    Firstly rest in peace all who died during this war, from both sides, my heart aches for innocent people on both sides.

    Artsakh or Nagorno Karabakh was given to Azerbaijan by Stalin,after USSR collapsed Armenians liberated the lands that once belonged to them, Artsakh was always populated by ethnic Armenians
    Again many people died on both sides, sadly, shelling innocent civilians is no way to resolve the conflict.
    Look up the population of Artsakh and Armenia, and the population of Azerbaijan and Turkey, and decide for yourself why would Armenia all of a sudden attack Azerbaijan.

    This is a war of power hungry countries, the only ones profiting from this are countries selling weapons.
    I hope this resolves soon,so no innocent people will be harmed.

    Peace to everyone, both sides.
    Please don't let hatred fill you.

  5. This is territory of Azerbaijan. If the whole world accept it then why these Armenians waging war ? If they don’t want to live as Azeri citizens with other communities then they should go to Armenia.
    It’s very simple solutions. But some western powers as always because of their hidden agenda and Islamophobia wants to make it as a religious war even though they are in the wrong side of the conflict.

  6. Both sides are to blame it's not about religion or anything it's about which side has most of the land but it doesnt belong to Armenia according to international laws of borders


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