Mystery probe of Trump campaign cash revealed


For more than three years, federal prosecutors investigated whether money flowing through an Egyptian state-owned bank could have backed millions of dollars …



  1. Why aren't you all talking about Hunter Biden's laptop and his fathers corrupt meeting with Ukraine energy officials? Joe Biden lied about knowing anything. There was some pretty discusting pictures of Hunter smoking crack and banging prostitutes as well. Not news worthy?

  2. So much bullshit , manipulation brainwashing dividing, and many relying on mainstream media believing there bullying without researching if there telling the truth, wake up and investigate them .

  3. Oops…. could NOT find a thing on Trump! You still can’t! You keep looking and looking and looking and come up EMPTY! This is hilarious! This just in: CNN is sooo desperate to make up a story to replace the story on the corrupt Democrat VP candidate Biden, that they can’t get one together! Nice try but the real story is Biden has done illegal deals with the Ukraine! Biden is going to the chopping block for his role in That illegal scheme. There is no way out! Too much evidence. You keep trying CNN but you can’t beat the Biden corruption that took place. I have an idea CNN, why dont you look at how Vice President of our country could do such a treasonous and illegal act to our country? He’s a totally ass wipe and YOU know it! Indict and arrest Biden and his chump son Hunter NOW!!!! Oh that’s right, he’s under investigation as we speak!!!! Boom!!!

  4. Call me naive…I am shocked at our Nation. I thought living in 5 generations of military and 3 generations of law enforcement, and caring for kids around the world, that the one thing that set our country apart from other countries was the right to speak out and vote for who we wanted.
    How wrong I was!!!. I can't believe that our voting rights are sooo compromised! Everything I believed in is so wrong???
    I now believe we are no better than any other country including a dictatorship country. What do I tell these kids now????

  5. Where is the CNN story on Hunter Biden's laptop, and emails? Where there is actual evidence to show Joe Biden had knowledge, and met with Burisma officials prior to having the Ukrainian prosecutor fired? The Hunter Biden emails link Joe Biden to Hunters China deals also. Instead CNN puts out this laugh of a story, that "there was an investigation". Not that there is evidence, that there was an investigation. Wow, people, when are we going to wake up to the bias?

  6. Speaking of mystery probe, you are a DIMwit liberal if you don't wonder how Obama had such authority to overnight $1.7 billion in cash to IRAN!! Couldn't the Treasury write a check or something? That's because cash cannot be tracked, and you would be a DIMwit liberal if you don't think that a lot of that $1.7 billion went right back into Obama's pocket!!!! CNN is a serial lying news.

  7. Trump is just a better criminal than the US prosecutors. He does whatever he wants. You will all be standing around watching as he names himself KING of the US soon. Then his white Supremacist brothers will really come out of the background.

  8. DT has been in dealings with ANY Countries that have money and willing to pay him for FAVORS. Many layers of laundry.
    DT never received a penny from Egypt but perhaps from some other go between. This is Mafia crime family style. DT has been engaged in questionable behavior for DECADES. The global crime circuit has been waiting for decades for a corruptible weak cash strapped President who will do anything including treason to bail himself out of debt. This just didn't happen in last 4 years. I suspect DT is a decades long white collar criminal.

  9. Why are people wasting time, energy and money investigating ANYTHING linked to Trumputin? He will get away with it as he has done all his corrupt, miserable life. American justice is a bloody joke!

  10. Omg the dems failed again after another witch hunt. This is embarrassing. For 3 years you guys have investigated trump and can't find anything to back you conspiracy theory. Lol when trump said it was all a witch hunt he wasn't lying. The most investigated president ever and no evidence of a crime. Democrats should be ashamed of themselves. How about we investigate Joe and hunter just a Lil bit

  11. CNN is ridiculous, I don’t see any breaking news about Biden and his involvement with his son’s business. That is the real news. CNN is not a news channel is more like a anti-Trump channel. Their anchors are a shame to this country.

  12. Literally 5minutes of democratic conspiracy theory nonsense. Followed by "the investigation had insufficient evidence". Meaning they can't prove any crime so……. Why did you waste you time talking about this.


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