Meghan Markle On 'Devastating' Return To US Amid Racial Injustice


Meghan Markle’s move back to the United States came at a difficult time in the country, and it emotionally affected her. The Duchess of Sussex got candid about …



  1. She just talked too much…nothing special about her! People can talk as much as they want…but the world need a solution and real people,real leader,….people don't need sermon they need action!!

  2. I'm sorry, I don't want to hate on Meghan Markle. I'm sure she has many wonderful qualities. All these people talking about racial Injustice in this country give me a break. We are the most diverse country, filled with an abundance of opportunity. Nothing in life will always be fair or perfect. But as a country, we've done a hell of a lot better than most. Which is why people flock to this country die for this country, and die to come to this country.

  3. What the effing hell is this thicko talking about word salad again "merching megain" how many times was "Landrover" mentioned in that stupid pity party, " I'm a victim" book "finding freebies & "funding freedom" so then how much do u earn from pimping out your status like dropping brands in a thicko book? Megan's mirror? All the clothes within mins ends up in that tacky website…when will this woman stop pimping out her whole existence for money ??? She is evil to the core, & the most ungrateful & greedy person on the public stage I think we have ever seen the likes of here in the UK,…all the secret photos she was taking of private palace quarters?? Describing exactly were the "Royal jewellery" is kept inside the palace? ??? I mean is this thicko even for real???? She is so cheap, & from what I believe now, a big security risk for our Monarchy & a poisonous spolit lil child. Her father was ghosted as he is a loose cannon as comes across very candid open mouthed & "honest" & she couldn't risk her lies coming out just b4 the wedding. Please why can't she go inject her lips just that lil bit more so much so it collapses her face & stop her talking for a couple of years, this would be sooooo peaceful amen x

  4. She thinks she is so special. Such a desperate need of admiration and attention. What a spoiled untalented women. The imprint she speaks of is her lazy entitlement and millions of pounds spent on her by the British taxpayer.

  5. After all the whining about privacy, being left alone, paparazzi, drones etc; she just keeps coming up with garbage to keep herself in the limelight. Does she have some sort of mental problem ?
    She also just seems to be a expert and authority on just about everything and instantly elevates herself as a spokesperson on the topic. There seems to be no boundaries to what she will do to keep herself in the public eye and jump onto whatever bandwagon is traveling at the time.
    She is just so fake its incredible. Shut her up Harry…..

  6. The UK press are saying that HAZMEGXIT is now living in sta. Barbara for 6TH WEEKS. And she celebrated her birthday in their new home. So it means that they already left Tyler perry mansion from June 15 or 19 and the whole month of July. But why is it that Doria and " Archie" was pictured in July 16 in TYLER PERRY mansion and was a cover and according to DM was covered in a German magazine. Why is it that HAZMEGXIT didn' t sue the German magazine and the drone operator and the 3 agencies , Backgrid, Splash news and B17? Instead they sued the paparazzis w/ the named only as john doe? Why did the judge allowed them to sue 3 persons w/ unknown names? If HAZMEGXIT sued directly the 3 agencies, for sure they would know who the paparrazis are? Very confusing and weird.


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