'Massive red line': GOP lawmaker reacts to Flynn's martial law pitch


Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) discusses Trump’s former national security adviser Michael Flynn suggesting the President invoke martial law in an Oval Office …



  1. Hmmmm..if there was voter fraud, then why is the focus only on the States where he lost? Wouldn't it stand to reason, based on Trump's sound bites and his attorney's allegations; the entire ballot in every State was compromised?

  2. MEDIA is largely to blame for the mess we are in. Media focuses on the Presidential election. The President is not where the power lies. The power is in the LEGISLATURE. CONGRESS. The power is in the State Legislatures. Media is TOO BIG to bother with State Elections. MEDIA wants a big audience, and does not get it by focusing on LOCAL. CHANGE THIS AND YOU WILL RESTORE DEMOCRACY. Forget the President. That is just the face. Get back to what matters. Laws. Legislatures. Legislators. THAT IS HOW WE FIX THIS MESS.

  3. Martial law requires congressional approval due to the Posse Comitatus act. He wouldn’t get it. What that would do is tell us which Republican voters are pure fascists.

    Due to the nature of Senators needing support from all districts in their state, he wouldn’t get a single senator to sign on for that, even in deep deep red states. In the House who knows. Maybe a dozen or more. I’d like to know who they are, wouldn’t you?

  4. Flynn sold his soul to the devil to get a pardon from Trump. Imagine if Hillary didn't concede in 2016 and acted like this manchild who is throwing a major tantrum. Grow up Donald, 84 plus million people voted you out! Please do the American people a favor and go away gracefully and stop trying to destroy the United States.

  5. Adam,I think a wild ride in a big understatement. His train has left the tracks and who know where it will stop. The president has some real issues and truly needs help. We have a very sick man running our country,next 30 days can not come quick enough, we need do end this circus.


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