Mark Zuckerberg stands his ground during year of crises


In an exclusive interview, Mark Zuckerberg tells CNN’s Laurie Segall why, despite a year of negative headlines, he thinks Facebook can still be a force for good.



  1. He only tells you what you want to hear….yes we are monitoring fake FB profiles, yes we are investing in better security….blah blah blah. What he failed to mention is he saw this stuff years ago and pretended to not know. He also paid alot of Senators and Congressman before his first hearing. What a scumbag. He lies to you with his eyes wide open.

  2. Mark is a genius for an American he's on the level of Elon Musk even though Elon is South African, hang on and keep improving your organization. It's a tough and lonely battle but continue fighting and save your business model.

  3. This filthy animal wants to control how we think and limit/censor those who would affect his vision for social engineering, fuck him. and the doubletalk he is speaking here really means he is developing even more aggressive algorithms/systems to target conservative voices, not Russians lmao.

  4. More like suckers to those who use Facebook, Facebook follows you everywhere they know where your at and what your doing, he has profiled more people than you can imagine, he has facial recognition and he is not telling about that, he has dirt on a whole bunch of people it is just a matter of time before one of his employee's makes an attempt at controlling rather blackmailing someone through the huge info that he has profiled on HIS users, those who have literally posted and messaged their whole life story, some of it private but not to Facebook.


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