Manchester United v. Leicester City | PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | 5/11/2021 | NBC Sports


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  1. Even the commentators said it. "Very unusual" to make double change before an opposing teams corner. Even moreso a corner where soyuncu beats two stagnant manu defenders to bullet head the ball in unmarked past a GK who didn't even make an attempt. However, it's not what you know; it's what you can prove

  2. The way Brendan Rodgers and the players reacted to the win is awesome. The way he looked at the players after the game shows how much he cares for them. It's no wonder they're doing so well this year – who wouldn't want to give their all for a manager like that?

  3. there are many football teams in the world but Leicester represents something very very special to me. Leicester = anyone can make it in life. I know they were bought by the Thailand family but that family does not have half the budget of say even a Hot Spurs. Yet they have climbed their way into premiership royalty. I love Leicester and I love Jamie vardy. Vardy represents a blue color approach to football. There is no striker in the world like Vardy. His style is supremely unorthodox. Go Leicester. I am a Barcelona fan but Leicester is in my heart. We love u guys. Vardy Albrighton Ihinacho Casper Fofana Telemans the whole crew. Big up.


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