Makita XGT — 40V | 80V Max System — Now Available in The USA!


Makita is getting ready to deploy over 50 new cordless power tools in their 40V Max and 80V Max XGT System. Makita designed this system specifically to cover …



  1. An 80v Chainsaw, Blower, lawnmower, a 40v shop-vac, a small form factor 1/2" high torque impact wrench, and eventually big cell power and huge amp hour batteries please Makita.

  2. No nail guns! I need a good pin nailer 2", angled finished nailer, gaming nails. Milwaukee dewalt running you over. Your chop saws need help, your nail guns are weak. Can we get a battery powered compressor? My 18v platform works just fine. I own a ton of makita. But I have had to buy dewalt for the guns. No power in the makita.

  3. I've already received emails from the Tool Nut and Acmee for pre-orders, and these new Makita's are very expensive, at least a third more than their 18V cousins, so I'm hoping sales will be coming in short order.

  4. Until a new battery technology comes around. I don’t really see the purpose of creating a new platform. We need to remember that the actual power a tool can produce is really limited by how many cells there are in the battery. Milwaukee is proof of this. Consistently building tools on par or in some cases more powerful than 40V and 60V competitors. I will admit that raising the voltage does allow the tool to be slightly lighter. But I don’t think trade off is worth an entire new platform. I like how Dewalt handled it with the backwards compatibility of the Flex volt system. Feels like this is just a reason to get people to buy all new and dump their old tools.

  5. I LOOOOVE Makita. I would do anything to get a full set. But sadly, I have a set of Milwaukee and DeWalt… even some Ryobi. So makes no sense for me to switch now. Wish I could. Unless someone wants to trade me lol

  6. @Pro Tool Reviews. Thanks Clint for the info. Of all of the announcements I heard today, you're the only one who really got into how Makita delivers rapid charging to their XGT 40V batteries out of the box. Makita has always kitted their tools with a rapid charger that cools the batteries with a fan as well as the charger. Dewalt and Milwaukee makes you buy their rapid chargers separately and if it has a fan, it only cools the charger. So we'll see how well the XGT tool line takes off when compared with Dewalt, Milwaukee, and soon, Flex.

    Hope you, the staff at PTR, and your families stay safe and well.

  7. Oh, this is just so wrong. Looks like they are using about the same number of cells just configured differently. So they can force customers to buy new hardware. Well screw this. I'm done with them. They are dead to me. I am unsubscribing. The tools I have now will probably last a lifetime. F!#@$^^ Makita.

  8. 1:41 when i was working at homedepot someone called me and was asking about a makita vibrator i was so confused i asked if it was a joke, he said no I'm looking for a makita vibrator i was thinking well makita makes a coffee maker maybe they dabbled in sextoys than i looked it up and realized it was a concrete vibrator will never forget about the existence of a concrete vibrator

  9. Dont need it but totally want it!!! I mean for the kind of work I do I will say is too overpowered but surely will keep both eyes on it if I ever need super powerful tools


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