Major Winter Storm Unleashes Ice, Snow, Record Cold Across US | TODAY


Nasty winter weather is pummeling the entire country, with snow, ice and record-shattering cold creating havoc from coast to coast. The South has been brought …



  1. Burn newspapers old rugs cardboard boxes to warm you. If you have trees around go for dry twigs branches etc as firewoods it's survival time no use blaming the water electric and gas providers we are against the ugly face of mother nature.

  2. It's never nice to have a severe winter in a semi tropical desertlike place like Texas. People there have airconditioners instead of heaters and fireplaces. There are no kitchen to light a fire with woods . We have become too independent to piped gas and water that an oil lamp a bonfire and a deep well are relics of the past but are now the things we need to save us.

  3. This is going to happen more and more over the years, Texas needs to improve their grid system and local cities need to adapt their government vehicles with gritting systems so Trucks can deliver food and gas.. Logistics is key to reduce panic buying and peoples lives have been lost because city governors wont invest, Texas has lost more money than if they had reinforced the grid a few years back so its a huge fail, leaving roads totally untreated so no supplies can be delivered is unacceptable and they need to move away from the mindset that its only a few weeks a year, people have died !

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  5. Well the south don’t believe in climate change, so this may be a yearly thing. Oh well Texas and the south have Republicans leading them in a crisis. They are good, look how the Republican leader handle the covid pandemic. Texans and the South are good with those leaders. I mean a pandemic and a snowstorm all have warnings base on “science”. We know how the Republican believe in that the last year when Covid first hit, oh right they call it a hoax. Then again it could be 100 degree in TX, We can’t believe CBS, CNN, NBC. ABC with their fake news reporting on the weather. The video for the weather was showing Canada weather to try to show Texas look like weak and incapable. Uh Fake news and their socialist agenda!!! Texas don’t need help. The audacity of lame street media. Stay safe Texan whether it is -1 degree or 109 degree there right now.

  6. Living in Texas you never know what to expect when it comes to the weather. I was without power and water for 4 days. I have 2 sons at home who took it like Champs. First challenge of the day is waking up which we all accomplished. This winter storm should of made everyone grateful for another day. Every one is not use to this type of weather. Our city has lost loved ones due to the weather may they are rest in paradise. Yes we had it hard but we made it another day and we are going to keep going cause that is what we do. Life is too precious don't waste it. I would really like to thank everyone who sent Texans prayers and didn't make fun of. Just put yourselves in our place what would you do? No water no power not even at the store, slick roads barely can walk on cause of the ice. Lord we take you for blessing us.

  7. Is there a list of the shareholders who made profits from not updating the infrastructure?

    Texans could go protest outside shareholder properties as they did for vote counters.

    Texan children, ask your parents if they would still vote for the republicans that did nothing?

  8. Gas and coal systems also fell over not just the wind power systems.

    Corporates needed to update the infrastructure but saved money for shareholders instead.

    The bad news is that Texans voted for Traitor Trump's do nothing strategy that he also used for the Covid response.

    The good news is that it is summer in New Zealand..

  9. I live in Canada and where I lived ve we are normally prepared for cold but not for a storm this cold. Temperatures where I live dropped to below – 22°F! But that's warm compared to the rest of Canada. In some places there were wind chills of down to – 76°F


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